Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi

A Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi is available to Bangladesh passport holders interested in visiting Sri Lanka for business, pleasure, or both. They can also visit Sri Lanka for any other legal purpose as long as they meet the visa criteria set up by the government of Sri Lanka. Before 2012, Sri Lanka only issued conventional visas to visitors, which led to long lines at their embassies and consulates, and the number of visa applications to visit the country skyrocketed.

To address the situation, the electronic travel authorization permit was introduced. No longer did Bangladeshi citizens have to stand in long queues at the embassy in Dhaka to apply for visas; they could now relax and apply for one from the comfort of their homes. 

ETA is an online procedure with all documents uploaded online for review. Furthermore, the documents take only a few days to process, to applicants can receive their ETA in one or two working days instead of waiting for several weeks to get a visa from the embassy.

Do Bangladeshi Citizens Need A Visa To Visit Sri Lanka

The rule states that all foreign nationals not from countries on Sri Lanka’s visa-exempt list must apply for a visa. Since Bangladesh is not on the visa-exempt list, all Bangladeshi citizens must apply and obtain a visa before they can be allowed into the country.

Sri Lanka ETA Validity

The ETA is valid for 180 days, and visitors with this document can stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days. 

If your engagement requires more time, you can apply for an extension before your current ETA expires.

Types of Sri Lanka ETA

Here are the ETAs for Bangladesh citizens.

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa is issued solely for tourism. The holder can visit any part of the country for holidays and sightseeing.

Visit Visa: Bangladeshi citizens who have family members or friends in the country can visit them.

Work Visa: Bangladeshis who have been employed by a company or organization in Sri Lanka cannot start work immediately. They need a work visa to enter the country and then secure a work permit that will qualify them to work legally.

Business Visa: This visa is for business meetings, events, and business-related activities.

Religious Visa: Members of religious orders and societies who have events in Sri Lanka may apply for this special visa.

Sri Lanka Visa For Bangladesh Documents

Find below the documents you need to apply for a visa including the visa application form.

Completed Application Form: The applicant must complete the application form with accurate details. They must endeavor to be sincere with their entries; otherwise, their application will be rejected.

Bangladesh Passport: A passport valid for at least 6 months from arrival. The passport must have a minimum of two unused pages for immigration officers at the airport to affix stickers.

Clear photo: Two passport-sized photographs showing their face clearly with no distortions.

Accommodation: They must show hotel reservations or provide a house address where they will stay during their visit. This arrangement must be made before they fly into Sri Lanka.

Round Trip Ticket: A round trip ticket to and from Sri Lanka must be reserved.

Proof of financial means: The applicant must prove with a Bank statement that they can afford to cover their expenses during their stay in Sri Lanka.

Email Address: Applicants need an email address to receive their ETAs once it is approved.

Card: A debit or credit card is used to pay the relevant eta processing fee for processing their applications.

Note that the authorities will request payment in Sri Lankan rupees if you want to apply for a visa extension.

How To Apply For Sri Lanka ETA?

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Sri Lanka as your destination

  • Select Bangladesh as your country of citizenship

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form correctly

  • Upload all the necessary documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a credit or debit card

  • Submit for approval

The authorities will process your application, and you should receive prior approval and your ETA in your inbox in 1-2 working days.

Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi Processing Time

After submitting your visa application, you must wait a while to get it. For long-stay visas, the processing time may take up to 15 working days, but for ETA, the waiting time is not more than 2 working days.

Visitors are advised to submit their application at least a week before the day they plan to travel. Also, they are advised to take extra care when filling out their forms to avoid mistakes or wrong entries. Always crosscheck your Sri Lanka visa for Bangladeshi form for errors before submitting it for approval. Corrections cannot be made afterward.

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