Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens

Australians planning to visit Sri Lanka cannot do so without a Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens. Just like with other countries, foreign nationals need a visa to enter Sri Lanka, including Australian citizens. This page contains valuable information about the Sri Lankan visa application process so keep reading to know more.

Traveling To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country in Asia and is one of the top tourist destinations for Australian travelers. The country is located on the Southern tip of India off the Indian Ocean and is famous for its national and international cuisines, golden beaches, resort towns, and mighty elephants. You can enjoy these wonderful pleasures and more should you visit Sri Lanka but first, you must obtain a visa to enter the country.

Sri Lanka ETA

The government of Sri Lanka launched the Sri Lankan electronic travel authorization in 2012 to simplify the visa application process for interested visitors. This electronic travel permit was introduced to replace the traditional visas issued by Sri Lankan embassies and consulates to visitors visiting for a short time. Before 2012, long queues were common at Sri Lankan embassies, with applicants needing to wait for hours or days in some countries but not anymore.

From the comfort of their homes, applicants can now apply for an electronic visa and have it forwarded to them in a few days. No need to wait in long lines or deal with a travel agent to obtain a short visa. Australian passport holders can expect a response to their application within 1-2 working days after submitting the online application form.

ETA Pre Approval

An electronic travel authorization is like a pre-approval for a visa. When an Australian citizen applies for this document and gets it, they are not issued a visa but a pre-approved document that makes it possible to travel to Sri Lanka. When they arrive, the Sri Lankan government will stamp the visa into their Australian passport. The only good news is that the eta approval is easy to get.

Types of Sri Lankan ETA

There are different types of Sri Lankan ETA based on duration, so Australian passport holders are advised to be sure of how long they wish to remain in Sri Lanka before submitting an application form.

Tourist ETA: There is a tourist ETA that is valid for 180 days and allows the holder to stay for up to 30 days from the day they arrive. This is the tourist eta and allows the holder to visit twice using the same eta.

Business ETA: The business eta is also valid for 180 days, counting from the date of issue, and allows the visitor to visit multiple times and stay for up to 20 days per visit.

Transit: The transit ETA is for Australians making brief stops in Sri Lanka en route to another country. This one is also valid for 180 days, but the transit visitor can only stay in the country for 48 hours before taking a connecting flight to their destination.


Sri Lanka Visa Requirements For Australian Citizens

Those who want to apply for an Australian ETA require the following documents.

Passport: A valid Australian passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is required. The valid passport must also have at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. Applicants must upload the bio page to the application form.

Current email: The applicant must provide an email address that they will use to receive the eta once it is approved. Successful applicants are advised to print the document and bring it along on their trip to Sri Lanka.

Credit or debit card: A credit or debit card is required for an ETA application to pay the processing fee. Applicants must ensure that the card contains sufficient funds; otherwise, the payment will not go through, and they will be unable to submit the form for processing.

ETA Application Questions

Here are some questions you must answer on the eta application form. You will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth, passport issue and expiry date, nationality, planned date of arrival, and country of birth. These questions must be answered accurately, as fictitious answers will lead to application rejection.

You can then make the trip to Sri Lanka upon receiving the eta. The immigration officers will review your documents at the airport and stamp your visa to let you into the country. Note that your visa starts counting the moment your passport is stamped.

Looking to apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens? Visit VisaHQ to apply online by completing the application form. After submitting the form and your documents, you will get the electronic visa sent to your approved email address.

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