Singapore Visa for Indian citizens

Are you an Indian passport holder with plans to visit Singapore anytime soon? You now have the opportunity to apply for a Singapore visa for Indian citizens in just a few steps. Kindly read the information contained on this page to know more.

Traveling To Singapore

Singapore is one of the most industrialized nations in the Far East, and over the last three decades, the island country has come a very long way. Singapore is famous for its social culture and nightlife and is one of the safest countries in Asia. The Changi airport is the entry point for foreign visitors and is one of the world's largest and most luxurious.

Due to the island's massive development of the island, it has become a hive for foreign tourists from different parts of the world. Indians are not left out, as many Indians also visit Singapore for business and pleasure.

Singapore Visa for Indian Citizens

Any Indian looking to visit Singapore requires a tourist or Singapore business visa; otherwise, they will not be let into the country. The entry visa application process is twofold for Indians who want to enter Singapore.

Embassy Application: The embassy of Singapore in India has a set application process for Indian citizens. The visa validity depends on the type of visa you apply for, but the average validity for visas is 2 years. Most embassy-issued visas are multiple entry visas meaning that the holder doesn't have to visit the Singaporean embassy in India anytime they wish to visit.

Online Application: The other option is to apply for a Singapore business visa. E visas are issued electronically via visa emails, and the application process is done online. The Indian passport holder doesn't have to make trips to the embassy or solicit the help of a third-party agent to get one. They can apply for it from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones or computers, and the process is relatively easy and straightforward. E visas grant holders the privilege to stay in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days.

Singapore Visa Application Requirements

Here are the basic application requirements to obtain a visa.

Valid Passport: You need a valid Indian passport valid for the next six months. The validity is counted from the arrival date, not the day you apply for the visa. The passport must have at least two blank pages too. The Passport bio page should be scanned and uploaded on the online form for review.

Proof of funds: Indian citizens must prove that they have what it takes to survive on their own during their stay in the country. A statement of account showing sufficient balance and entries covering the last 3 months will suffice. There is a minimum balance your bank account must contain; otherwise, your Singapore visa application form will be rejected.

Photograph: 2 recent passport sized photograph showing your face clearly is required. Obstructions like face coverings are prohibited. The required size is 35mm x 45mm.

Air Tickets: A round-trip ticket is also required for the applicant to make the trip to and from Singapore.

Invitation Letter: If a friend, family or associate invites the applicant, an invitation letter must accompany their application form detailing the purpose of the trip

Credit or debit card: A visa application fee is only payable using a bank-issued credit or debit card.

After filling out the application form, attach or enclose the above documents and submit them for review. If you apply to the embassy, they will invite you for an interview and ask that you bring the original copies of the documents along. If your application is approved, the visa will be released to you. 

For e-visa applications, the electronic visa will be mailed to the registered email address you provide. The visa should be printed out and brought for the trip, as immigration officers will request it.

Visa Processing Time

A Singapore visa for Indians takes about 3-4 working days for your application to be processed but to avoid delays, consider applying at least 7 days before your planned trip.

Word of Caution

Always be sincere about your intentions when filling out your visa application. If you are coming for work, don't apply for a tourist valid visa, as it does not qualify you for a work permit. Also, endeavor only to provide accurate information and valid documents to avoid rejection of applications. Finally, don't overstay your welcome in the country. Ensure you leave before or on the last day approved for your visit.

If you want to visit Singapore for the holidays, you can apply for a Singapore tourist visa. The Singapore visa online form for Singapore Visa for Indian citizens is available on VisaHQ.

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