How to get a Singapore tourist visa

How to get a Singapore tourist visa just got simpler than ever before. Applicants who wish to visit the country require a tourist visa, and this page explains the steps to take to get one.

Tourism In Singapore

Singapore may be a small Island and one of the least populated countries among the Asian Tigers, but it is one of the most developed countries in Far East Asia. Besides its heightened industrialization, it is also a tourist haven in the Far East, attracting tourists from around the world who wish to visit for pleasure.

To boost its local tourist industry, the government of Singapore has introduced a special tourist visa scheme for citizens of foreign countries. This special scheme has boosted the number of arrivals into the country and has helped the industry. Singaporeans don't require a visa to enter their country, but foreigners do.

Booking A Singapore Visa: How To Get a Singapore Tourist Visa?

If you wish to get a Singaporean visa, you need the following.


You first need to be sure that citizens of your country qualify for a tourist visa, as this visa is not extended to citizens of the same country. If you are sure that your country is on the visa list, you can proceed and apply for the visa.

Application Form

There is an online application form you must fill out. Please provide your personal details in their appropriate fields and ensure that they match what is obtainable in your documents. Only applicants who are 18 years and above may apply. For minors, their parents may apply for the visa on their behalf.


You need a passport to apply for a Singaporean tourist visa. The passport must be valid for 6 months at least. Passport validity starts counting from the day you enter the country, so count from the due date. Applicants must scan and upload the passport bio page on the online application form.


A passport-sized photograph with your face showing clearly. The dimension should be 35mm x 45mm, and your ears should be visible on both sides. The photo should be on a white background and a matt finish.

Cover Letter

A Letter should be sent to the applicant if they are visiting family or friends. The letter should have the sender's name and contact address, including the applicant's name, the reason for the trip, and details about the travel expenses and who will be responsible for them.

Leave Letter

If a company employs you in your home country, request a leave letter showing your name, travel date, the purpose of the trip, and passport details.

Bank Statement

A bank statement showing the sufficient balance to cover your trip and entries dating back to the last three months.

Air Ticket

Confirmed return air ticket back to your location at the conclusion of your visit.

Steps To Apply For a Singaporeans Tourist Visa

Here are the steps to apply for a Singaporean tourist visa as long as you meet the Singapore tourist visa requirements as required by the Singapore immigration service.

Fill Out The Application Form

You need to fill out the tourist visa application form online for pre entry permission using your smartphone or computer. When you are done with the process, crosscheck for errors and ensure that none of your details are inaccurate, which may lead to rejection.

Upload Your Documents

After completing your personal entries, scan and upload all relevant documents in their appropriate fields, make sure that your documents match your details and are very clear.

Pay The Application Fee

Pay the application fee using your debit or credit card issued by a bank. The card should be sufficient to cover the visa fee and extra transaction charges.

After you have completed all three phases, submit the form for approval. Approval takes 4 – 7 Working days, and if you are successful, you will get your visa forwarded to your email inbox.

You need to fill out the tourist visa application form online using your smartphone or computer. When you are done with the process, crosscheck for errors and ensure that none of your details are inaccurate, which may lead to rejection.

Length Of Stay

A tourist visa allows the holder to stay for up to 90 days but notes that the visa becomes active the moment it is approved and forwarded to you.

Not For work

Kindly note that the valid Singapore entry visa does not grant you a work permit, so you are not allowed to work during your stay. If you want to work in Singapore, you must apply for a work visa.

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