Singapore tourist visa from Bangladesh

It is possible to apply for a Singapore tourist visa from Bangladesh before taking a flight to the island country for your vacation. It is not uncommon to find many Bangladeshi namecheck Singapore as their dream destination to spend their holidays because the country is peaceful, friendly, and highly developed. The cities and towns are quite clean, and the transport infrastructure is world-class. But to get a tourist visa, you need to meet all the requirements, which is what this post is about. To give you a fair idea of what is expected of you when applying for a Singapore visa from Bangladesh.

Singapore Tourist Visa

The Singapore tourist visa is also called the Visitor visa, which is a travel document issued to nationals from non-visa-exempt countries. It allows them to visit Singapore to enjoy all its amazing sights and sounds. Tourist visas are shirt term visas that only last for 30 days. Only people with this visa are classed as legal visitors and are free to visit any part of the country to enjoy their holidays.

Who Needs A Visa For Tourism?

Not every foreigner needs a visa for tourism as there are more than 69 countries on the visa exempt list whose citizens may enter Singapore without a visa, only their passport. 

This visa is only for nationals from countries that are not on Singapore’s visa-exempt list.

Singapore SG Arrival Card

The SG Arrival Card is a travel permit issued to tourists from visa-exempt countries. Although such visitors don’t need a visa, they are still expected to obtain this permit before arriving in Singapore. SG cards are applied online, and there is no need to submit physical documents. Citizens of Bangladesh do not qualify for SG Arrival Card.

Assessment Level II

Singapore issues visas to applicants based on their nationality. The ministry of foreign affairs classes countries into two categories: Assessment Level I and II. Level I countries may apply for e-visa to enter Singapore as tourists. They don’t have to visit the embassy in their countries to obtain the visa; they need to submit the application form online, and the e-visa will be mailed to their email.

Bangladesh is an Assessment Level II country, so Bangladeshis cannot apply for online evisas. Rather, they must visit Dhaka's embassy or visa agent to submit a physical application form and documents to obtain the tourist visa. The application is not as swift as an E-visa and may take up to 2 weeks before it is out. Furthermore, Bangladeshi applicants must visit the embassy, consulate, or entry visa center to pick it up.

Singapore Tourist Visa From Bangladesh Requirements

The tourist visa requires the following documents from applicants. Only valid copies of these documents will be accepted.

Completed Visa Application Form: A duly completed and signed Singapore application form containing your personal data.

Bangladeshi Passport: A valid Bangladeshi passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and one blank page for visa stamps at the airport.

Photo: Two recent passport sized photographs showing your face clearly. You must not wear glasses or any head covering that will distort your facial features.

Itinerary: Details of your itinerary showing your arrival and departure dates, including the places you plan to visit.

Return Flight: A copy of the flight ticket reservation for the return trip.

Bank Statement: A Bank statement of account for the last six months showing sufficient funds to cover your travel and living expenses. The statement of account must be signed, stamped, and sealed by the issuing bank.

Travel Insurance: A travel health insurance is recommended to cover medical costs you may incur during your visit. You may also need to include a visa request letter.

All documents must be valid and addressed to the Singapore embassy or consulate in Dhaka. After submitting the documents, you will be invited for an interview which you must attend with original copies of all your documents. The interviewer will review each of them and ask your questions about the trip, such as the places you’ll like to visit and why.

Subsequently, you will be notified regarding the progress of your application, and if you are successful, you will be issued a visa.

Visitors to Singapore are advised to be law abiding and not overstay their Singapore visas. It may be necessary to keep track of your visa validity so you can make plans to leave the country before the Singapore visa expires. Tourist visas only allow for 30 days stay and not a day more, so bear that in mind.

The Singapore tourist visa from Bangladesh is obtained at the Singaporean embassy or consular offices in Dhaka and other cities. When applying for it, endeavor to use only valid documents to avoid application rejections or delays.

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