Singapore business visa requirements for Indian citizens

If you are an Indian business person or professional and would like to visit Singapore for a business engagement, one of the first things you should do is to enquire about the Singapore business visa requirements for Indian citizens. Singapore is a first-class business destination and is a popular business location in the Far East. However, the Island has a very strict immigration policy, and only eligible applicants who meet the requirements are issued visas.

So before applying for the visa, you should know the requirements and application procedures. To help you, we have reviewed the Singaporean business visa in detail below.

Business In Singapore

Singapore is a small island nation in Far East Asia and one of the legendary Asian tigers of development. The Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region and a business hub. Despite having a very small population, it has one of the strongest economies in Asia. Visitors arriving on the Island will be amazed by the opulent Changi Airport, surrounded by botanical gardens. This spot has become a World Heritage Site and is a tourist hotspot for nature lovers.

Also called the Lion City, Singapore is largely service-based, and most of the products consumed by residents are imported from China and other countries, including food supplies. 

The service industry is dominated by finance institutions, technology firms, hotels, and real estate. More importantly, is the fact that many technology Infrastructure is manufactured in Singapore, including chips for computers and microcomputers.

Overall, the economy is very strong, and Singaporeans enjoy some of the highest living standards on the planet. The ease of doing business ranking is also quite high, making it easier for businesses to thrive.

Singapore Business Visa

A business visa is issued to business professionals, investors, and investors who wish to visit Singapore for business purposes. Although some professionals may work in Singapore for a short time, this visa is not a work visa per se, as there is a separate work visa for foreign nationals. Singapore business visas may be single or double-entry visas but are only valid for 3-6 months. Once issued, the visa becomes active and is only useful during the validity period.

Do Indians Need Business Visas?

India is not on the visa exempt list, so visitors from India need a visa to enter Singapore. The good news is that as long as you are eligible for the visa and possess the required documents, you will get the visa.

Who Is Eligible For A Singapore Business?

You must have genuine reasons for wanting to visit Singapore in business and nothing more. Although visitors may enjoy the sights and sounds on display like tourists but they are not allowed to work. Secondly, you must plan to return to India on the day your visa expires or before then.

Singapore Business Visa Requirements For Indians

Completed Visa Application Form: You must submit a completed visa application form containing your details as they appear on your passport and other travel documents. The application will be rejected if your details are incorrect or different from what is on your travel documents.

Passport: A valid Indian passport with a 6-month minimum validity counting from the departure date. Your passport must also have two blank pages for the immigration officers at Changi Airport to affix their stamps.

Salary Slip: If you are an employee of an organization in India, you must submit your salary slip for the last three months.

Cover Letter: An original cover letter sent to you by the organization or company in Singapore inviting you to the Island.

Sponsor Data: If you have a sponsor, you must provide their information, including their financial documents.

Photograph: A recent 35 mm x 45 mm passport photograph with a white background. Two copies are required, and they must show your face clearly.

Confirmed Hotel & Flight Ticket: Confirmed hotel and two-way flight tickets.

Bank Statement: A bank statement for the last six months bearing the bank's stamp.


Singapore Business Visa Validity

This Singapore visa is valid for 30-90 days and may be extended by the embassy in India, depending on the discretion of the visa officer. However, the minimum number of days you can stay in the country is 30 days.

Where To Get A Business Visa?

You can obtain a business visa by visiting the Singaporean embassy in New Delhi or any of their consulates in other states. If you don’t live close to any of their consulates, you may opt for a licensed visa application center to submit your application. Note that there is a non-refundable fee you must pay for document processing. As long as you meet the Singapore business visa requirements for Indians, your visa will be issued.

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