US passport x gender

The United States government, through the Department of State, has upgraded the passport service to better serve citizens with new gender identities. The US passport X gender is not available through a gender marker that allows an applicant to choose their gender aside from male or female.  

Your gender does not need to match the gender on your supporting documents like your previous passport, birth certificate, identity card, or any other legal document. 

Furthermore, applicants do not need any medical or legal document to prove their gender change.

Genders Available For Passport Applicants

The conventional Male (M) and Female (F) still exist, but the X gender marker for non binary has been added to the application for unspecified gender. The purpose of adding the X marker is to make it possible for applicants to self-identify their gender and have it represented in their passports.

How To Apply For A Passport?

You can apply for a new passport or renew an existing one and still have the opportunity to change your gender. The opportunity to use the X gender marker came into force at the start of 2023 and will remain in place. Here are the steps to take if you want to apply for a passport.

Arrange All Documents

You can apply for a US passport any time of the year, but you must first arrange all your documents. 

The identity documents you will need are as follows.

Citizenship Proof: You will need to prove that you are a US citizen with a naturalization or birth certificate.

Previous Passport: If you are applying for a new passport, this is not needed, but for passport renewals submitting your previous passport is mandatory.

Application Form: Those applying for a new passport must fill out the DS-11 application form, while those applying for a renewal must fill out the DS-82 form.

ID Card: An identity card like a valid driver’s license is required for new passport applications.

Passport Photo: A recent passport photograph showing your face as clearly as possible. Glasses should not be worn.

Application Fee: The application fee should be paid using a US bank cheque or money order.

Original and Photocopies of these documents will be requested. Furthermore, other supporting documents may be required if is a child involved or a name change.

Where You Apply For A US Passport

You can apply for a passport at any of the following places

US Embassy: If you live abroad and your passport expires or will soon expire, you have the option to visit the US embassy or consular offices in the country where you reside. The application process may be different, but the officials there will provide you with assistance to get a new passport.

Passport Agency: You can also visit a passport agency to apply for a passport if you live in the US. You must book an appointment with the agency and appear on the set day with your documents. The passport officer will go through the identity document, and if they meet all the requirements, they will forward them to the appropriate quarters for production.

By Mail: You can also renew your current or old passport by mail if you will not have the time to apply in person. All you need is to package your documents in an envelope and ship them to the agency using the United States Postal Service if you live in the US. Those living outside the country can use a private courier service.


Order A Private Service

Did you know that a private passport processing outfit can help you mail your documents to the passport agency? Hiring a passport service will save you the stress of arranging the documents yourself. Failure to organize your documents properly may lead to rejections and your documents being sent back to you. To avoid such a possibility, it may be in your best interest to hire a private service to help you out. For more information, visit VisaHQ passport page.

Conditions For Renewals and New Passports

Before you choose to apply for a new passport, there are certain conditions you must meet.

For Renewals

When applying to renew your passport, you must ensure that it meets the following conditions of the State Department; otherwise, it will not be renewed.

  • It must be in good condition and not tattered

  • You must apply to bear the same name on the new passport as it appears on the old one

  • The passport must be in your possession and submitted

  • The passport must be issued when you were 16 years an older

  • Passport Renewals are not available for child passports.

For New Passport

When applying for a new passport, you must

  • Provide documentation to prove your citizenship

  • Provide documentation to show your identity

With these documents in place, you can apply for a US passport X gender. 

Apply for New US Passport Online
Apply for New US Passport online
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