How to get a New US Passport

If you want to know how to get a new US passport, you should read this article till the end to learn more about the basic requirements and the steps to take. 

Passport renewals or issuance are some mandatory services offered by the United States Department of State. US citizens who meet the passport application requirements may apply.

Who Can Get A New US Passport?

The United States passport is only issued to American citizens with proof of citizenship. 

This travel document is essential for trips outside the borders of the US, and it has an expiry date (mostly ten years). You may apply for a passport book or a passport card, depending on where you are traveling to. Passport books are ideal for air, land, and sea travel as they are all-encompassing; however, the passport card is only used for land trips across the US-Canadian border to the North and the US – Mexico border to the South. Passport cards cannot be used for air or sea travel. 

It can also be used to apply for a visa. Also, a passport card is less expensive than a passport booklet.

How To Get A New US Passport?

If you want a new US passport, there are a few things to consider first. Do you already have a passport that is about to expire or expired, is your passport lost or stolen, or have you never applied for a passport before, so this will be your first time? These are factors to consider before applying for a new passport because the application processes for each one are different.

Applying For A Renewal

The renewal option is open to those with a previous expired passport. You will have to submit your expired passport to get a new one for renewal. The application form for renewal is called a DS-82 application form. This form must be filled out and combined with other documents like citizenship proof, passport photograph, expired passport, and ID card.

You can apply for a renewal in person by booking an appointment with a passport agency, visiting the US embassy if you live abroad, or mail your documents to the State Department, or hiring a passport service like VisaHQ to arrange and submit your documents on your behalf. Visit VisaHQ to learn more.

A Case of Lost or Stolen Passport

In the case of a lost or stolen passport, you cannot apply for a renewal as you don’t have the previous passport to present to the agency. You need to file a complaint to the State Department and then apply for a new passport. This process can be done in two phases or at once.

You first need to report the case to the authorities by calling the Passport Information Center’s toll-free line or mailing a DS-64 form to them explaining the situation. Once the center receives the information, they will enter it into the Consular server and block the passport, rendering it invalid. After submitting the form, you can then go ahead to apply for a new passport by filling out a DS-11 application form and attaching other supporting documents to it, including proof of citizenship, application fee, ID card, and a passport photograph.

Or better still, you can apply for a new passport immediately by attaching the DS-64 form to the other documents.

Note that you cannot apply for a new passport through the mail, so you must book an appointment with the agency or embassy if you live abroad and appear in person.

Applying As A First Timer

The other option is to apply for a new passport as a first-timer. For a first-time application, you will need to fill out the DS-11 application form and provide proof of citizenship, like your birth certificate or a certificate of naturalization, a passport photo including other supporting documents.

Visa Application Fee

The application fee for a new passport or a passport renewal is the same: Passport books cost $130, while a Passport card is $30. You can send your documents by mail to the State Department for renewals, but this will cost you extra courier charges. If you want the courier service to expedite the delivery, they will charge you extra for the service, but you must mark “expedite” on the envelope. If you need to travel in an emergency as quickly as possible, you can get a passport in less than two weeks by applying for expedited service at the passport agency or embassy.

The officials will ask for proof as to why you need to travel urgently; if they are convinced, they will release the passport in a matter of days. How to get a new US passport has been explained in this post, including how to apply for a renewal by mail through VisaHQ.

Apply for New US Passport Online
Apply for New US Passport online
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