US passport card in San Francisco

Do you reside in San Francisco, California, and need to get a passport card? A passport card is different from a normal passport. If you are looking for a passport card, you have come to the right place as over here, and you will get to know more about what the US passport card is, how you can obtain it, how it is different from a normal passport, and what are the passport card requirements that you need to fulfill!

Getting a passport card in San Francisco is easy and requires a few steps!

Therefore, continue reading to learn everything you must know about the US passport card and how to acquire it from San Francisco!

What is a US Passport Card?

The passport card is the size of a credit card, and the United States government issues it and acts as a travel document. It is a form of a national identity card. It is compact and can be easily carried.

The US passport card can be used in certain countries as a valid identification card. The US passport card can be used in replacement for the passport book for certain countries only.

You can use this card to enter the US from countries like Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. This is because the immigration authorities of some countries may not count the passport card as a valid document. The passport card also has no additional pages for the visa stamps. But, don't confuse this with the passport book!

What is the Difference Between a US Passport Card and US Passport?

A US passport card is different than a US passport book. The passport book is the traditional form of the passport. The passport book can be used for all forms of travel. For example, you can travel by land, air, or sea with a passport book. Moreover, the passport book allows domestic travel and international travel both. The passport books are usually valid for 10 years.

A passport card is a small credit card-like replacement for the passport book. But it does not include all types of travel, unlike the passport book. You can use the passport for domestic travel and also for a few countries such as Mexico, Canada, etc. The passport card is not the correct identification form for air travel. However, passport cards are cheaper than passport books.

The passport cards have RFID in them, making them superior technology-wise. The passport card is easier to carry as it can fit into your wallet. Moreover, you can easily use it if you are entering by sea or land!

The processing time for a passport card is around four to six weeks. If you apply for the passport card and the passport book, it might take longer. The expedited passport service allows you to receive the passport earlier.

What are the Requirements for US Passport Card in San Francisco?

The passport card requires certain required documents to be submitted. First, you will be required to fill the Form DS-82 correctly, and if you are applying online, you will scan this document. If a minor wants to get their US passport card made, they must fill the Form DS-11.

Passport cards do not have a lot of space on them, so when providing your name on the application form, you should truncate your name. You can do this by using initials instead of your full middle name.

You have to provide your Social Security Number as well, and if you do not have one, you need to state that you weren't provided one. Moreover, you need to provide some document that is proof of your US citizenship. You also have to submit a passport photo.

You also have to provide photocopies of the passport's biometric data page, and you should have other supporting documents ready for the passport application.

You must pay the passport card fees, much less than the passport book so you'll save money with the passport card!

Supporting documents must be submitted as required.

How to Apply for the US Passport Card?

To obtain a US passport card from Francisco, you must apply for it by visiting the US Embassy, Consulate, or any San Francisco passport agency. There you will complete the process and receive your passport card. However, before you visit any of these places, you must schedule an appointment beforehand.

Another way to do this is to apply for a passport card online. You can do so by visiting VisaHQ. This site offers visa services and passport services. The passport services include applying for a new passport, passport renewal, an expedited passport, etc. So through this website, you can also apply for a passport card. The site will provide all the information required to apply for a passport card. You will know the requirements, the passport card fee, and whether you can apply!

Therefore, apply through VisaHQ for a hassle-free experience!

Apply for New US Passport Online
Apply for New US Passport online
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