Passport for teenager

Passport for teenager is for individuals under 16 years old. When it comes to passport issuance, there is no age restriction, so every US citizen is entitled to a passport should they need one for their trips abroad. So if you have a teen child needing a passport, you can apply for one as the parent or guardian, provided you meet certain requirements.

Traveling Outside The US As A Teen

While teenagers can travel freely from one state to another within the US without a passport, they need one for foreign trips. Passports are required for visa applications, and even if you travel to Visa-free countries, airlines will not allow you to be on board without showing your passport. So if you have teenage children and want to take them abroad for any reason, the wise move is to apply for a passport on their behalf as early as possible.

Who Is A Teen, and Can Teens Apply For Passports?

Anybody between the ages of 15 and 17 is classified as a teen and can’t apply for passports on their own without parental consent. There are two ways to get a teen passport.

The parents or guardian may apply for the passport on their behalf or authorize the Department of State to issue the passport to the child despite their absence. With the notarized declaration of consent attached to the completed application form, the teenager can visit the agency and submit for a new passport.

How To Apply For Passport For Teenager

Application for a passport for a teenager must be done with the teenager present. You can’t submit an application by mail since the main applicant is below 18 years. Simply book an appointment with the passport agency in your city and prepare all the necessary documents. Parents and the child must visit the agency on the appointed day to complete the application process.

Those living outside the US can still apply for a US passport for their teenager by visiting the US embassy or consulate in their host country to submit their application. 

All documents must be valid and attached to a duly completed and signed application form. The application fee must also be paid to the receiving official or through the approved process.

Documents For Passport For Teenager

Here are the required documents for a teenager's passport application process.

DS-11: Form DS-11 must be filled out and signed by one of the parents or the teenager. No field must be left blank. The DS-11 form can be filed online using an application wizard or downloaded in PDF format and filled out by hand with black ink and in Capital letters.

Proof of Citizenship: The parents must prove that they are US by providing their birth certificates or naturalization certificates.

Proof of Relationship: To prove their relationship to the child, they must present their respective birth certificate and their child’s certificate bearing the same name. Guardians must provide legal documents to prove guardianship over the child.

Means of Identification: The passports of the parent or valid government-issued ID cards can be used to prove identity.

Declaration of Consent: If one parent is absent at the agency on the day of the application submission, they must swear an affidavit before a notary providing their consent for the passport to be issued.

Passport Photo: A recent passport not older than 6 months is required. The child’s picture must be plain, without glasses or any jewelry.

In the case of the death of a parent, a death certificate should be attached to the application.

Passport Application Fee

The application fee for a teen passport is $80 for the passport booklet and $30 for the passport card. There is also an execution fee paid to the official receiving the application.

Processing Time

After submitting your application, you will need to wait up to 6 or 8 weeks to get the passport. The process may take a little longer, so parents are advised to submit the application early enough. If the time is too far and you have an upcoming trip, you can pay an extra $60 for expedited service.

Expedited services at a passport acceptance facility are only granted by the agency on special emergency situations such as life or death or urgent travel. The officials at the agency will want to know why the trip has to be so soon and will even request a proof. If 

they are convinced they will expedite the process so the passport will be ready within 24 hours to 14 days.

You can apply for a passport for teenager for your child aged between 15-17 years, or birth parents can give approval for the passport to be issued in their absence, provided they meet the strict conditions of the State Department.

Apply for US Passport Child Online
Apply for US Passport Child online
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