Statement of consent issuance of US passport to a child

When applying for a passport for a child, there is an important document demanded by the authorities, which is called a statement of consent issuance of US passport to a child. 

This document is very important and critical to the successful application process. This page contains information about this document and lots more.

What Is A Statement of Consent?

For child passport issuance, a parental statement of consent form is the form DS-3053. It is required if a parent is applying for a passport for their child under the age of 16 instead of two. This document simply indicates that the other parent has authorized the issuance of the passport in their absence. They must also provide some documents, including their certification of guardianship and citizenship.

A statement of consent is often filled out and signed by the absent parent and must be included among other documents. Furthermore, the document must be signed in front of a notary who will serve as a witness. In addition, they must attach a government identification card showing the front and back of the ID card. The form 3053 is attached to the DS-11 application form.

What A Statement of Consent Must Contain?

Full Name: The statement must contain the child’s full name: their last name, first name, and middle name in their appropriate boxes. In block letters.

Date of Birth: The child’s date of birth in digits showing the day, month, and Year

Purpose: This section is where the parent will provide more information about the main purpose of the consent form. The purpose must be stated in clear terms. Here you will be asked to mark a passport card or book for the child. Mark the one you want from them.  They must also prove that they have sole legal custody of the child.

Passport cards are for land travel but cannot be used for air or sea travel. Books, on the other hand, can be used for passport books.

Minor Status: If the child is a minor under age 16, you must tick Yes in the appropriate box and No if they are over 16. For children under 16, the full name of the parent applying on their behalf must be clearly written.

Legal Guardian: As the legal guardian, your full name is required to approve the application, and it must be written in black ink in the first line.

Address: Your address must be provided. The street and home address numbers are required, including the city, state, and zip code.

Contact Information: Provide your phone number and area code. You can also add your email address.

Notarized Signature: You will need the notarized signature of the absent parents proving that the Oath is true and they have given the authorization to issue the visa.

Signature: You are the parent or guardian present and must sign the application for parental consent and append the date before submitting the form for processing along with other documents.

Notary Public: The Notary who was present at the signing of the consent form has a final section to complete to prove that the notarization is complete.

Documents For Child Passport Application

Here are the documents you must present at the Passport facility when applying for a passport for your child besides the consent form of one parent who is absent.

Proof of Citizenship: You must prove that you and the child in question are US citizens using any valid document like a birth certificate or naturalization certificate.

Proof of Guardianship: You need to prove that you are the child’s parent or guardian using birth certificates.

ID card: A driver’s license or passport is accepted by passport agencies as long as they are valid.

Fees: An application fee for processing and an execution fee payable to the official handling the application process.

Can You Apply For A Passport Renewal For Your Child?

You may be wondering if it is possible to apply for a passport renewal for your child, but renewals for minors are not allowed. Children under 16 years are regarded as minors, and if their passports expire, the parent will have to apply for a new passport instead of applying for a renewal.  

The appropriate application form for child passports is the DS-11 form rather than the DS-82 form for renewals. Endeavor to fill out the form correctly in block letters so the official can read it clearly. Also note that child applications cannot be done in absentia, meaning that you must bring the child to the passport facility so they can capture their biometrics.

statement of consent issuance of a US passport to a child is an important document demanded by the Department of State if one parent is absent for the child’s passport application. The absent parent must fill out and sign the form in the presence of a notary.

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