How long does a Child Passport last

How long does a child passport last? If you applied for a passport for your child this year, how long will the passport remain valid before there is a need to apply for a new one? US passports have an average validity of 10 years, so that citizens can apply for it once a decade, but that is for adult passports, not children. Keep reading to find out more about the passport for children.

How Long Does A Child Passport Last?

Child passports last half as long as adult passports. A child passport lasts for 5 years and is non-renewable. This means that each time you apply for a child's passport, it has to be a new one, not the renewal of an existing one. The US Department of State prohibits the renewal of passports for children as a means of curbing child trafficking. That is why for any parent to obtain a passport for their child, they must present themselves and the child to the passport agency for security checks.

What Is The Age Limitations For Child Passports?

There are no age limitations for child passports meaning that any individual can obtain a passport as long as they are US citizens and can provide the documentary requirements. 

Based on US law, children are designated as minors if they are under the age of 15 years. They cannot apply for a passport on their own, so that they will need the help of their parents or guardians.

This remains the case until they reach the age of 16, when they can obtain parental consent to apply for the passport on their own, or the age of 18 when they can apply as full-grown adults without parental or guardian support.

How To Apply For A Passport For Your Child?

Applying for a passport for your child will require you to take some active steps on behalf of the child. 

You will need to download the DS-11 application form and fill it in on their behalf before attaching all the relevant documents to it. The second step is to call any Department of State passport agencies close to where you live to book an appointment.

On the appointed day, you and your spouse or partner must take your child to the passport agency to process the application. This step is hugely important as the application will not be accepted and processed if the child is absent.

Is A Passport By Mail Application Possible?

Passport application by mail cannot be used for child passport applications. This method is only useful for adult renewals, not new applications. Mail applications involve loading your documents into an envelope and mailing it to a passport facility. The Department of State introduced this process to make the process convenient for exiting passports to renew their soon-to-expire or expired passports, not for new passport applications.

So you cannot apply for a passport for your child by mail.

Documents For Child Passport Application

Parents and guardians must submit the following documents for a child's passport application.

Proof of Citizenship: They must submit their birth certificates (parent and child) or naturalization certificates to prove they are UD citizens.

Proof of Relationship: The parents must submit a birth certificate or any other legal document, such as a certificate of adoption, to prove their relationship with the child. Guardians must also provide legal documents to prove they have legal custody over the child.

Passport Photo: A recent passport photograph of the child showing their face clearly. Glasses and other adornments should not be worn, and a neutral facial expression must be maintained.

ID Card: Parents or guardians must present a valid government-issued identity card.

Consent Declaration: If one parent will not be present, they must sign a notarized consent form which the other parent must present to the passport officer.

In the case of the death of one parent, the surviving parent must submit a death certificate to that effect.

Must Both Parents Be Present During A Child's Passport Application?

Under normal circumstances, both parents should be present, but this is not always the case. If one of the parents will be absent, they must swear a declaration of consent affidavit before a notary authorizing the agency to issue their child a passport. Without the presence of both parents or a declaration of consent by the absent one, the agency will not issue the passport to the child.

How Long Before My Child’s Passport Is Ready?

Your child’s passport issuance will take about 6-8 weeks before it is issued after submitting all documents to the agency. If you want to get it sooner, you may apply for expedited service under some conditions. 

How long does a child passport last? It lasts for 5 years.

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Apply for US Passport Child online
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