Process for renewing passport after marriage

What is the process for renewing passport after marriage? If your name has changed after a marriage or even a divorce and you reverted to your maiden name, this could be a problem, especially if you had a passport before your marriage or divorce. Traveling or applying for a visa with a different name may create further complications.

People in this situation are advised to apply for a new passport after marriage and not wait until they need the passport for an upcoming trip because the processing time may take several weeks. It is best to make hay and apply for a new passport with your new name using the government-approved DS-82 and DS-5504 application forms. So what is the process for renewing a passport after marriage?

Let’s give you a comprehensive rundown of the entire process.

Steps To Renew A Passport After Marriage

If your current passport was issued less than one year before your marriage, you could apply for a new one using the special DS-5504 application form. This form and the application process for renewal after one year of the previous passport issue attract no charge. On the other hand, if the passport was issued more than a year ago, you will be charged for it and need to apply for a fresh passport using the DS-82 application form.

Here are the steps to take

Fill Out the Form: For a new passport, after less than one year of holding your current passport, fill out the DS-5504 form. This form is available online, and ensure that all the boxes are filled out. If the passport is more than a year old, fill out the DS-82 application form. You can fill out the form online using the Wizard or print it out and fill it by hand using black ink.

Social Security: The State Department will request your Social Security information. Provide your social security number or the related information if you cannot remember the number. This column should not be left blank.

Proof of US Citizenship: US passports are only for US citizens, so you must provide proof of citizenship. This can be your current passport, or you may include an ID card like a driver’s license.

Colored Photograph: Colored photograph with a 2x2 inch dimension. The photo must not be blurred, smeared, or bent.

Evidence of Change of Name: You must submit evidence of change of name, such as a marriage certificate. The marriage certificate should be translated into English and accompanied by an affidavit if you marry abroad. Also, submit the original and translated copies of the marriage certificate for review. If you want to include an additional name in your new passport, which is not on the marriage certificate, state the name and include your birth certificate.

Provide Photocopies: Applicants must provide Photocopies of all the documents required vis-à-vis the original copies.

Passport Photo: A recent passport photo should be attached to the application form.

Submission: Those living inside the US can submit the documents to the passport agency or office or mail them to the agency’s mailing address using the USPS. Those living abroad can also mail their documents to the Department of State in Washington for Processing. Note that the delivery service charge is different from the application fee.


Applying In Person

To renew your passport in person, you must book an appointment with the passport agency if you live in the US or with the embassy if you live abroad. After setting the appointment, arrive on time on the set date and wait your turn to present your documents.

Applying By Mail

Package your documents in the 23x16 cm envelope and attach the USPS postage stamp if you are within the US or the private courier company’s stamp if you live abroad. 

Please write your name and address and mail it to the embassy or Department of State in Washington.

Use A Passport Service

If the application by mail option is too complicated for you, take advantage of VisaHQ’s passport service. Just mail us your documents, and we will arrange them and mail them to the State Department on your behalf. Visit VisaHQ to learn more.

Processing Time

Passports are printed in the US by the Department of State using highly secure and digitized software. After receiving your application, it will take 4-6 weeks to get your passport depending on your location. If you want to get the passport sooner, you can apply for an expedited service which could shorten the waiting time to 2 weeks or less. For expedited service, you must visit the agency or embassy in person.

Cost of Passport Renewal

Renewing your passport booklet will cost $130, while the passport card will cost $30, or you can apply for the renewal of both. The process of renewing a passport after marriage on an expedited basis will cost an extra $60 with a separate fee for mailing or engaging a passport service company.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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