How to change name on US passport

After a name change, you must document the name change on your passport.

As you read ahead, you will know more about the process and the different scenarios for changing the name on your passport.

Why Do You Need to Get a New Passport After Name Change?

You must opt for a new passport if you have changed your name due to reasons such as marriage, divorce, or any other court order. The need for the new passport is so that the changed name can be visible on your passport and there is no confusion of identity later on. Having different names on your existing passport and in real life may cause discrepancies and travel restrictions. You can contact the National Passport Information Center for details.

The Procedure of Changing Name on the Passport

The procedure of changing the name on the passport depends on what your current scenario is. Certain factors affecting this situation are when exactly you received your passport and issued it and whether or not you have any documents to back up your name change. The three major scenarios are as follows:

1. It has been more than a year since your passport was issued, and you are requesting a name change

If you are one of the individuals who got their passports and it has been more than a year, then you can apply for the new passport through mail or in person. However, you will have to fill out different application forms depending on how you apply.

Apply By Mail

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals with their most existing passports with them in an undamaged condition can apply by mail. Additionally, you should have acquired the passport in the past 15 years, and you should have been at least 16 at the time of issuance. Moreover, the most recent passport should be in your current name, or you should have documents to back up the name change.

Required Documents

If you can apply through mail, the required documents include filling out the entire DS-82 form. You also have to submit your current passport, which you will get back with the new one. You must provide a passport photo, the fees, and supporting documents.

As you will be applying for a name change in your new passport, don't forget to provide the original documents that verify your name change, such as a marriage certificate, court order, etc.

Apply In-Person

All those who cannot apply by mail must do so by visiting the US Embassy, Consulate, or passport agency. For the passport card, you must apply in person.

Required Documents

The documentation needed for applying in person includes Form DS-11. You must fill out the passport renewal application properly. The difference in the type of form is one of the main things that separate the two processes. You must provide proof of citizenship. You should provide the original citizenship documents as well as the photocopy.

Moreover, you must provide a valid ID, and it's a photocopy. You must also submit the passport photos, fees, and name change document. If you changed your name because of your marriage, then if you can provide an ID with the name change, that will be enough, and you don't have to give the documents.

2. It has been less than a year since your passport was issued, and you are requesting a name change

In such a scenario, you can apply by mail by providing the following documents:

You must provide a filled Form DS-5504, your recent passport, a passport photo that is colored, a document for a name change, and fees only if you request expedited service.

3. You have changed your name but are unable to document it

Despite the name change, you have been unsuccessful in documenting it through either a marriage certificate, birth certificate, court order, or divorce decree. In such a case, you must apply in person. You will be required to fill the Form DS-11. You must also provide proof of citizenship, a passport photo, and a valid ID. Lastly, you must pay the applicable fees as well.

You may also need to provide Form DS-60; this acts as an affidavit for modifying your name. This form needs to be filled out by two people who know you by your previous name and your new name.

How to Apply for the Name Change on Passport?

Different requirements depend on your situation to change your name on a new passport.

You can use the help of a third-party service to conveniently apply for changing your name on a new passport. VisaHQ is a platform through which you can apply to change your name. The site gives all the information needed to apply for a new passport and change your name. At VisaHQ, you can also fill out the passport application form needed. Moreover, you can pay the fees online and mail them after gathering all the documents. If you get stuck at any step of the passport application, VisaHQ's team will guide you.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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