How to get a New Passport after name change

How to get a new passport after name change is one issue many passport holders deal with after getting a divorce or if they are newly married. Due to their new status, their names change, and all, if not all, their documents become obsolete. If this is your situation, you can get a new name using a Form, DS-11, DS-82, or DS-5504 if you can present a divorce or marriage certificate. Below explain what these forms represent and how to use them effectively.

Form DS-5504

Form DS-5504 is the classic US Department of State form for changing names or correcting minor errors on passports. This Form is only used if the old or current Passport was issued less than 12 calendar months ago. If you got your current Passport less than a year before your divorce or marriage, you could make changes using DS-5504. You only need to fill it out correctly and attach your supporting documents. Applications using this Form don’t attract a processing fee, so you can make the changes without spending a dime. However, if your Passport was issued more than a year ago, you can’t use Form DS-5504 but another form.

Form DS-82

The second Form for a change of name after marriage or divorce is Form DS-82. If your current Passport was issued more than a year ago before your change in status, you might apply for a renewal using this Form. The application attracts a fee, and the new Passport will come with your preferred name. The agency will request supporting documents in addition to the completed Form for the passport application.

Form DS-11

This Form is used to apply for a brand new passport regardless of whether you have an existing passport already. If your previous Passport was issued more than five years before marriage or divorce, you should apply for a new passport altogether. Applying for a new passport with a new name is the way, but you must provide documentation like proof of citizenship, valid ID, marriage or divorce certificate, etc.

How To Get A New Passport After Name Change

To apply for a new passport or renew an existing one, ensure you meet all the requirements, fill out the appropriate forms, attach the required documents and submit them for processing. 

The documents and information required are quite different for passports issued within the last year before marriage or divorce. Let’s have a look.

Please fill Out The Form: The first step is to complete the DS-5504 Form online or by hand as you wish and print it out. Avoid printing the instructions posted on the webpage. You can also sign the Form before sending it.

Social Security Information: There is a Social Security information requirement for name changes. Provide your social security number and related information to authenticate your application.

Citizenship: Prove your US citizenship by including the recent Passport with the old name. This will serve in place of a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. Ensure that this information is accurate.

Passport Photo: A passport photograph is required. Only use recent photos without tears or blemishes; the photograph must be clear, and avoid wearing glasses. Only photos not older than six months will be accepted.

Name Change Evidence: Are you married or divorced? Submit a certificate to that effect as evidence of your newfound status.

Photocopies: Include photocopies of all your documents.

How To Submit Your application?

Mail It: One option is to mail your application to the designated passport agency of the State Department. You may do so yourself or engage a passport service agency like VisaHQ. They will arrange your documents orderly and see that they are delivered to the agency safely. Visit VisaHQ to learn more.

Apply In Person: You can also apply by submitting the documents to the agency.

Once the Passport is ready, it will be mailed to your mailing address along with all the documents you submitted.

Name Change Through Renewal

You can change your name by renewing your current Passport, but you will need to attach the following documents to the DS-82 application form.

  • Valid ID card

  • Marriage/divorce certificate/court order

  • Passport Photograph

Name Change Through A New Passport

To change your name by applying for a new passport, you will need the following documents attached to the DS-11 Form.

  • Proof of citizenship (birth certificate/naturalization certificate)

  • Valid ID card

  • Marriage/divorce certificate/ court order

  • Passport Photograph

Processing Fee

Passports issued less than a year ago do not require a processing fee unless you want to pay for expedited or courier services. However, passport renewals and new passport applications attract a processing fee of $130 for booklets and $30 for cards.

HW to get a new passport after name change depends on several factors, as highlighted in this post. For a stress-free passport renewal, visit VisaHQ official passport service page.

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Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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