Papua New Guinea visa for US citizens

US passport holders planning a trip to Papua New Guinea need a Papua New Guinea visa for US citizens to enter the Island. The application process has become much easier than ever with the two application methods available to US citizens.

Papua New Guinea Application Process

US citizens applying for a visa can do so through the PNG embassy or consulate in the US or via online platforms.

Embassy Application: US citizens can apply for a visa by visiting the PNG embassy in Washington, DC, or any of its consulates in the US. This process is essential for visitors who plan to visit and stay on the Island for a significant period of time. Visitors coming for work or any other long term commitment will have to approach the PNG embassy for a visa. Also, note that the application process takes time, and several documents will be required of you.

Online Application: The second application method is the online application. This one is far easier and doesn't require any visits to the embassy or any third party agent. The applicant can apply online by completing the application form, attaching the few required application forms, paying the visa application form, and submit for approval.

Online application forms are only for tourism, not for work, study, or any other long term commitment.

The e visa program is for US tourists, and it is valid for 180 days. It allows US citizens to stay for 30-60 days, counting from when they arrive. Applicants must depart on or before the 30th or 60th day, depending on their visas

Papua New Guinea Visa For US Citizens

US applicants need to provide the following to obtain a visa. Note that the documents reviewed below are only for online valid visa applications. For embassy applications, contact the PNG consulate in Washington, DC.

Passport: A US passport is required to complete the application. Only passports with 6 months' validity will be accepted. The passport must have at least one or two blank passport pages for tourist visa stamps at the arrival section of the Jacksons International airport.

Bank Statement: a bank statement is tourist visa required to serve as proof of funds. The bank account must show proof of sufficient funds to cover the entire costs of traveling and living expenses.

Medical Certificate: A negative COVID-19 PCR test result is required to show that the applicant is Covid 19 negative. Tests must be conducted at least 72 hours before the flight to PNG

Invitation Letter: For US citizens coming to the PNG to visit friends and family, they must provide a letter of invitation sent to them by the PNG resident or citizen. The letter must provide details about the reasons for the trip and the resident's contact address.

Accommodation: Tourists coming on their own must provide proof of accommodation, such as an Airbnb or hotel reservation.

Return Ticket: The applicant must provide proof of return ticket back to the US at the conclusion of their visit. It's advisable to only buy the return ticket after they get the visa

Note: When filling out the application form, make sure you cross check for errors and correct them before submitting it for approval.

Papua New Guinea e Visa Validity

The e visa program is for US tourists, and it is valid for 180 days. It allows US citizens to stay for 30-60 days, counting from when they arrive. Depending on their visas, applicants must depart on or before the 30th or 60th day.

Visa on Arrival

There is a visa on arrival program available to travelers who don't have an E-visa, but the country does not publicize it. If you don't have a visa, you can apply for one using your US passport. However, note that the visa on arrival program is subject to change anytime.

Visa Rules

It is important to note that the Guinea online e-visa is not suited for long-term visits and does not grant the holder the license to work as it does confer a work permit on the holder. This visa is only meant for tourism and nothing else. US visitors coming for work should apply for a work visa at the embassy or a study visa to qualify to come for work or study. Also of importance is the use of valid documents. Failure to provide accurate information or valid documents will lead to application rejection. Even if you are fortunate to get the visa, you may be denied entry at the airport.

The immigration officers at the airport have the full right to deny any visitor entry into the country if they consider them a security risk.

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