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Myanmar is an alluring country filled with beautiful and perfect beaches with amazing tourist attractions and spots. There are Buddhist country houses, pagodas, stupas and more that are coated in a layer of gold leaf. Every visitor loves visiting Myanmar to view these amazing landscapes and there is no doubt that Malaysians also love Myanmar. However, they require a visa online to have a trip to Myanmar.

The e visa system is now here, and the Malaysian citizens can apply Myanmar online visa, get evisa approval letter and enter Myanmar. However, Malaysia is not on the visa exempt country list and the citizens need a visa to visit Myanmar. But, it is always better to double check and you can check requirement Malaysia country on the visa exempt country list available on the embassy site and then apply for the visa. Below are the different type of visas that the Malaysia citizens can apply for and get their Myanmar visa.

Myanmar Tourist Visa for Malaysian Citizens

The Myanmar tourist visa is a single entry visa. The tourist visa comes with a visa validity of up to three months. For individuals, wanting to visit Myanmar for tourism purposes such as for watching the tourist attractions, beaches, etc. They need to apply for the Myanmar tourist visa.

Myanmar Business Visa for Malaysian Passport Holders

The Myanmar business visa is a one time entry visa. This business visa comes with a validity of up to three months. For foreign nationals, wanting to visit Myanmar for business purposes such as to attend business conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. They need an approval letter from the business in Myanmar and then they have to apply for a Myanmar business visa.

Myanmar Online Visa Processing Time

The Myanmar visa processing time for visa for tourism, business visa, and other types of visas is generally 5 business days. However, the processing time varies depending on the application, purpose of visa and other factors. For example, if a rejected visa is being applied, it may take a lot more time to process than a normal visa or if there are missing documents or issue with the application form, etc. the visa processing time can be lengthy.

Myanmar Visa Fee

There are two types of visa processing fee. One is called service fee and the other is embassy fee or government fee. The service fee provided to the visa centers is called service fee, while the government fee is the embassy fee. Both of these visa fees combine to make the visa fee. The visa fee for the tourist e visa is 99 dollars. The visa fee for business e visa is 129.00 dollars.

Myanmar Visa Application

The Myanmar visa and Myanmar evisa can be applied through online visa application centers and Myanmar embassy. You will have to submit the required documents, online application form, pay the Myanmar visa fee, and apply Myanmar online visa.

  • To apply the visa online, you should visit VisaHQ website. There enter Myanmar as the destination and your citizenship as Malaysia.

  • The website will display all the options for visas that are available. You have to select the one that you want to apply for.

  • After selecting the visas type, you will find a bar stating apply now. Click on it and you will be directed to a new window where you have to fill an online visa form.

  • Add in your correct details in the accurate spaces and then proceed further. You will be asked for your name, passport details, e-mail address, home address, contact information and more. Fill them accurately and proceed with your application.

  • Also, submit the required documents as requested by the VisaHQ.

  • Then you will be asked to pay the required service and embassy fee. Pay it online through debit or credit cards and wait for your evisa approval.

  • Once, you receive your approval letter, you can get the evisa stamped on your passport and proceed further to confirm flights and hotel reservations.

  • For any query, you can always ask VisaHQ representatives to help you out.

Myanmar Visa Requirements

Before applying for Myanmar visa, the Malaysian citizens must check requirement Malaysia country for visa online. Moreover, they should also check the Myanmar visa requirements to obtain a Myanmar visa for Malaysia citizens. Below are the visa requirements for the Malaysian citizens that they need to fulfill to get a Myanmar visa for Malaysia citizens.

  • Valid passport. There should be no passport issue, the expiry date of passport should be at least six months after the Myanmar visa validity.

  • Passport photo with white background taken within the last three months.

  • Accommodation proof is required such as hotel bookings of the Malaysia citizens in the Myanmar.

  • Invitation letter, study permit, work permit or any other document with personal details and visa details. These should include the purpose to apply Myanmar online visa, name of the applicant, their status, etc.

  • For Malaysian citizens on Myanmar transit visa, they should show flight itinerary displaying their proof of onward travel.

Note: The Myanmar embassy can always as for some additional documents with your online form for the Myanmar evisa application.

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