Myanmar visa for Indian

Myanmar is a really beautiful country with many tourist attractions and beaches from the paradise having white sand, misty mountains and overall stunning landscapes. Many foreign nationals love visiting Myanmar to watch its beauty. There are Myanmar visa on arrival, Myanmar tourist visa, Myanmar business visa, electronic visa and other type of visas present.

The Indian nationals visiting Myanmar needs a valid visa. There are few eligible countries for Myanmar visa on arrival facility and India is among the qualifying countries. Even ordinary passport holders from India can also apply for a Myanmar visa on arrival. Below are the Myanmar visa that Indian citizens can apply for.

Myanmar Visas

Myanmar offers multiple Myanmar visas to Indian passport holders through which they can enter Myanmar. Below are different Myanmar visa options that Indian passport holders can apply for and get to visit Myanmar.

Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Indians

To get a Myanmar visa on arrival, you must fill in, sign and complete a Myanmar visa on arrival form. Then you have to visit the designated entry points to Myanmar such as Yangon international airport, Mandalay international airport, Nay Pyi Taw and more international airports. The application process is simple, you have to present your Myanmar visa on arrival online application form and the required documents at these designated entry points.

Moreover, you will have to pay the Myanmar visa fees and wait for the immigration officer to approve your Myanmar visa on arrival. Once, the immigration officer has approved visa on arrival, you will have to pay the entry stamp fees for the Myanmar visa on arrival and get your Myanmar visa on arrival stamped on your passport.

The decision for Myanmar visa on arrival is completely on Myanmar government and immigration officers. Even with all the required documents, online payment for Myanmar visa fee and everything, they can deny entry. Upon denied entry, you will not be allowed to enter Myanmar and will have to turn back straightaway.

Myanmar Tourist Visa for Indians

The tourist visa for Myanmar is a single entry visa that has a validity of up to three months and is solely applied for tourism purposes. All the Indian valid passport holders must apply for a Myanmar tourist visa if they plan to visit Myanmar to view the beauty of the country. However, for arrival for Indians on Myanmar visa on arrival or tourist visa, they need to have vaccination certificates which might be asked with the arrival application form but children under twelve years are exempt from this law.

Myanmar Business Visa for Indians

The business e visa for Myanmar comes with a validity of up to three months and is a single entry visa and multiple entry visa. It is applicable for all Indian citizens that are planning a Myanmar trip for business purposes. With the inclusion of basic documents, the Indian passport holders might be asked for additional documents to be submitted to the Myanmar embassy in New Delhi.

Myanmar Evisa

If Indian nationals are applying for Myanmar evisa applications then they must enter Myanmar through the following airports. Indian citizens must book flights for Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, to be eligible for Myanmar evisa applications. Otherwise, they won't be able to get a Myanmar evisa approval letter.

Myanmar Visa Requirements

The Myanmar visa requirements are quite basic just like other visa application process. Whether it is Myanmar visa on arrival, Myanmar tourist visa, Myanmar business visa, the visa application form is same, just few documents required are different. Below are the travel documents that you will need for any type of Myanmar visa.

  • A valid passport is required. The same passport should be valid for at least six months after travel to Myanmar.

  • Passport size photographs are required.

  • Proof of accommodation such as registered hotels bookings.

  • Invitation letter, for Myanmar transit visa, proof of onward travel. The Myanmar transit visa application will need ticket bookings for next destination, etc.

  • Any additional required documents by the Myanmar embassy for Myanmar visa for Indians.

Myanmar Visa Process

To apply for Myanmar evisa, Indian citizen will need to visit VisaHQ website. The Myanmar electronic visas application process is quite straightforward. You visit the website, apply for a Myanmar electronic visa, complete the Myanmar visa application process, and get your Myanmar visa for Indians.

However, to be able to apply for a Myanmar visa for Indians, you must visit the website and then enter India as your citizenship. Then add Myanmar as your destination and select the visa type you want to apply for. Then fill in the online visa application form for Myanmar visa for Indians and pay the visa fee.

Make sure, while filling Myanmar visa online, you must enter correct passport details, name, address, email and other contact details. If you are as per the eligibility criteria, you will get visa application approval and the online process will complete. You have to pay visa arrival fee that needs to be paid online using credit or debit cards.

Once, you have received your e visa, you can book your hotels and tickets and visit Myanmar to enjoy.

Myanmar Visa Processing Time and Processing Fee

The processing time for Myanmar visa is generally 3 business days for all tourist evisa, tourist visa, business evisa and business visa. The visa fee for Myanmar tourist visa fee is around 8915.76 INR and for Myanmar business visa or business evisa, the fee is around 11432.37 INR.

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