Myanmar visa for Australian

Many Australian citizens want to visit Myanmar to view its pristine nature and scenery. There is the Shan State, Inle Lake, and many more interesting things to view and visit in Myanmar visa for Australian citizens. The Australian passport holders can enjoy mingling with Myanmar nationals, and view hilly plateaus, rice fields, waterfalls, vineyards, and mountains.

Myanmar Visa for Australian Passport Holders

There are tourist visa, Myanmar tourist e visa, business visa and business Myanmar evisa available for Australian nationals. The e visa for business is valid up to ninety days and allows seventy days entry. The tourist e visa for Myanmar has a twenty-days entry and is valid up to ninety days.

However, for a simple visa application for business and tourist visa, the Australian citizens must contact nearest embassy or consulate of Myanmar and check the required documents, and other requirements with them.

Myanmar Nationals Visa Processing for Australian Passport Holders

The Australian passport holders can apply for a Myanmar visa but the visa fees depends on the processing times of the e visa. Moreover, the Australian government and the Myanmar government can reject the e visa as per their choice. Anyhow, the standard processing time for the Myanmar visa is generally seven business days. However, if you are applying for a rush processing or super rush processing then it can take up to five business days or three business days, respectively.

Moreover, in case you have children which are seven years old or under, then you can apply for them yourself without any extra fee. However, you will have to pay the cost of visa for them.

Myanmar Visa Fee and Processing Times

The visa online fee for the tourist visa and business visa for Myanmar is generally around 178.04 AUD for a single entry visa and 181.02 AUD for a twenty-eight day express single entry visa. The business visa costs around 188.52 AUD for a seventy days single entry Myanmar visa. The processing times for the Myanmar visa for Australian citizens is generally three business days; however, it can increase depending on the visa type and visa requirements.

Myanmar Visa Requirements

Before applying for a Myanmar visa, Australian nationals must check requirements for their destination country for visa online. Moreover, they should also check the Myanmar visa application process to obtain a Myanmar visa for Australian nationals. Below are the required documents for the Australian citizens that they need to fulfill to get a Myanmar visa for Australian citizens.

  • Australian passport, the valid passport must have blank paged for visa stamping. The expiry date of the Australian passport for Australian nationals should be valid for at least six months upon arrival in Myanmar.

  • Passport photo with white background taken within the last three months.

  • Accommodation proof is required such as hotel bookings of the Malaysia citizens in Myanmar.

  • Invitation letter, study permit, work permit or any other document with personal details and visa details. These should include the purpose to apply Myanmar online visa, name of the applicant, their status, etc.

  • For Australians on Myanmar transit visa, they should show flight itinerary displaying their proof of onward travel.

  • They should have credit or debit card to pay for visa fee online.

  • Printed copy of visa application form filled online is also required for visa application and entry in Myanmar.

Note: The Myanmar embassy in Australia can always as for some additional documents with your online form for the Myanmar evisa application.

Myanmar Visa Application

The whole process for Myanmar visa application is very simple but additional documents are required by the Myanmar embassy and government which includes a previous visa copy, if applicable, original Myanmar passport if the applicant has Myanmar passport, and Myanmar security forces such as police report or affidavit stating that the Myanmar passport has been lost or stolen, if applicable. These are required for overseas Myanmar citizens application and the affidavit for lost or stolen Myanmar passport need to be notarized.

The Myanmar evisas can be applied through VisaHQ. The process for Australian citizens to visit Myanmar is simple, they should open the VisaHQ >website, enter Myanmar as destination and Australia as citizenship.

Then they have to enter their details for the Myanmar visa and wait for the Myanmar embassy to reply for their visa application. The Australian citizens have to submit an online application form which will need their details and reason to travel to Myanmar. Moreover, along with the other documents when you apply online, you must also check the security situation in Myanmar and then submit the required documents as per the request of Myanmar government.

For further information, or to extend stay in Myanmar, the Australian citizens can always contact VisaHQ or the Myanmar embassy. However, visa on arrival or online valid visa or electronic visa Australian citizens can only enter Myanmar through Yangon international airport, Mandalay international airport, or Nay Pyi Taw international airport.

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