Myanmar visa for Canadian

Myanmar is among the only three countries along with US and Liberia around the world that do not utilize the metric system. Myanmar uses its own measurement units such as calculating gas in gallons and distance in miles. It is an interesting country that everyone can visit whether they are going for tourism or business purposes. If you are traveling from Canada to Myanmar, then the Canadian citizens will need a Myanmar visa.

Canadian citizens cannot apply for visa on arrival to Myanmar. Therefore, they need a visa online or need to visit the nearest Myanmar embassy to get a visa to Myanmar. Moreover, the Myanmar evisa is acceptable at only Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, and Mandalay international airports so to enter Myanmar the Canadian citizens must select one of these airports.

Myanmar Visa for Canadian Citizens

To obtain Myanmar visa, the Canadian citizens must complete the whole application process. They should complete the application form, sign it and recheck it, then submit the required documents, wait for process to complete and get the visa. Once, the Canadian citizens have obtained the visa, they can travel to Myanmar without any issues. Below are different types of Myamnar visas present for Canadian citizens.

Myanmar Tourist Visa

The Myanmar tourist visa from Canada to Myanmar only offers for up to seventy days stay in Myanmar. Also, this Myanmar visa cannot be extended as per Myanmar tourist visa restrictions, laws and regulations. The tourist visa is only for tourism purposes and does not offer multiple entry facility. It is only a single entry tourist visa that costs around $221.95.

Myanmar Business Visa

The business visa for Myanmar is the only way to enter Myanmar for business purposes. You have to submit the online application form, necessary documents, visa fees and wait for the embassy to provide services to you online and respond you online. The business visa is a single entry and multiple entry vis with a cost of around 357.95 dollars to 1075.95 dollars. The stay within the country is up to seventy days while the Myanmar visa validity is up to three months.

Myanmar Visa Processing Times

The Myanmar visa for Canadians and other countries have different processing times. The general time for processing a Myanmar visa is 3 working days for Canadian citizen. The emergency visa process for Canadians for Myanmar takes up to 2 business days while the extremely emergency and urgent Myanmar visa application takes around 12 hours.

Myanmar Visa Application Process

To apply online for a Myanmar visa, the Canadian citizens will need to fill in an online application form. The Myanmar evisa process only requires the Canadian passport holders to fill in their personal details, send a copy of their Canadian passport given by the government of Canada, pay the visa fee and wait for the response from the Myanmar embassy.

The Canadian citizens can visit VisaHQ website and complete their Myanmar visa application form, upload the documents, complete the payment for the visa fee and wait for approval from the embassy. Once, they get visa their visa approved, the Canadian passport holders can visit Myanmar for tourism, business, health and other purposes.

The information entered should be valid, the Canadian citizen must enter full name, proper contact information, their country of stay, emergency contact, etc. so that the whole process of visa application ends smoothly without any issues.

Myanmar Visa Requirements

There are few entry requirements that the Canadian citizens have to fulfill when they plan on visiting Myanmar. The Canadian passport holders will need to provide the following required documents for their Myanmar visa.

  • Canadian valid passport that must be valid for at least six months.

  • Passport size photographs. The passport photos must be as per the laws of Myanmar visa having white background, specific dimensions, etc.

  • Travel itinerary with complete travel details.

  • If you are going to visiting your friends, colleagues, family or others then you might have to submit few additional documents such as invitation letter, their contact information, study or work permit, etc.

  • To entry in Myanmar for business purposes, you need a business visa and to apply online for a visa, the Myanmar embassy might ask for few extra documents such as the Myanmar company registration documents, your invitation or approval letter, etc.

  • Debit card or credit card is required for online payment.

  • For transiting passengers, they will need to show their passport, and proof of travel to other countries. They must show further ticket bookings of air travel to another destination.

  • Valid hotel bookings are also required for the trip.

  • Health certificate, if applicable due to government or embassy restrictions.

Note: These are only general required documents; however, for complete services and travel advice, you can always contact VisaHQ. Moreover, always check the restrictions and laws of the country you are traveling to. For example, what is permitted in Myanmar, conditions on which visa application is rejected or accepted, travel restrictions in the country etc. such important information is important to keep in knowledge.

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