Visa for Mexico from India

visa for Mexico from India is required from Indian citizens who may wish to visit Mexico. However, they must meet all the requirements before the visa can be issued to them. This post contains all the valuable information about the valid visa process. Kindly read through to get all the vital information you will need.


Mexico is one of the largest economies in North America, with a common border with the United States to the north. The country is a hub for Latino culture in the region and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with plum beaches and lovely side attractions. There are cultural festivals, ancient ruins of the Aztecs and Mayan civilization of the millennial past, and, of course, tasty cuisine that can’t be found anywhere else. The country attracts millions of tourists every year, including professionals and investors looking for economic opportunities in the country.

Among a large number of annual foreign visitors are Indians who visit for business and pleasure.

Do Indians Need A Visa For Mexico From India?

Indians need a visa for Mexico because India is not on the visa-exempt list. For passport holders to enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico, they must obtain visas in India before boarding a flight for the North American country.

Types of Mexico Visas

So what type of visas are Indians eligible for? Let’s have a look.

Tourist Visa: A Mexican tourist visa is issued to tourists coming to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country. The visa is issued as a temporary travel document and allows foreigners to reside in the country for up to 180 days. The good thing about the visa is that it can be used for business or any other non-economic engagement.


Temporary Resident Visa

Another option is the temporary resident visa issued to those who wish to stay in Mexico for more than six months. This temporary resident visa is longer valid, but the holder cannot stay in Mexico for up to four years. The visa is divided into four types, namely.

Student Visa: This one is for Indians, and other international students admitted into Mexican schools, allowing them to study legally.

Work Visa: Another type of temporary resident visa is a work visa. Indian nationals who have secured employment in Mexico will need this visa to work in the country and enjoy all their employee benefits.

Family Visa: A family visa is for families who want to be reunited. Foreign nationals living in Mexico permanently may have their family members join them on a family visa.

Digital Nomad Visa: With the rise of remote working, another type of visa introduced recently is a nomad visa for people working online. The visa allows them to settle and work in Mexico, provided they earn a minimum monthly income.

Permanent Resident Visa: A permanent resident visa is issued to foreign nations who wish to live in Mexico as permanent residents. It is common for retirees who want to enjoy a peaceful and calm life by the sea or a village to apply for this visa. Permanent residency is issued to foreigners who have lived for up to four years as a bare minimum on a temporary resident visa.

Does Mexico Offer Transit Visas?

Unfortunately, the Mexican government does not issue transit visas to travelers. If you fly to Mexico to take a connecting flight in less than 24 hours, your flight ticket carries a transit permit, so you don’t need a transit visa. Once you arrive, the immigration officers will guide you to a waiting room to wait for your flight.

Where To Get a Visa From Mexico From India

Interested applicants can apply for the visa by contacting the Mexican embassy in India. Online applications are only available to Russians, Turks, and Ukrainians. They will also have to fill out the application form, attach the necessary documents and submit for p after paying the application fee.

Visa On Arrival For Indians?

There isn’t a visa on arrival in Mexico for Indians, and all Indian passport holders must secure a visa first from the Mexican embassy before boarding a flight.

How Long For The Visa To Be Ready?

The processing time will depend on how fast the embassy can process your visa. Some embassies take 1-4 weeks to process applications, so you must be patient. Note that not all embassies and consulates work the same, so you will need to make enquires depending on the type of visa you apply for.

Your visa for Mexico from India will allow you to stay in Mexico for six months to 4 years, depending on your visa type. If you need to extend your stay, you must visit the office of the immigration authority once you are in the country.

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