China to Mexico visa

Chinese citizens desirous of a trip to Mexico must apply for a China-to-Mexico visa before that board flights for the North American country. With the growing number and spread of Chinese nationals all around the world, it is becoming a trend to find them in almost every corner of the globe, including in Mexico. Tourists from China seeking warmer climates or investors seeking investment opportunities outside Mainland China consider Mexico a top destination.

If you are a Chinese passport holder and you’ll like to visit Mexico any time soon, you want to read this article till the end to get all the facts and information about the valid visa process.

Traveling To Mexico

Mexico is a North American country rated as the hub of Latino culture on the American continent. The country is officially known as the United Mexican States, with some of the most popular tourist attractions on the planet. Due to the beauty of the land, warm climate, rich culture and cuisine, and sunny beaches and historical sites, people visit from all over the globe, including Chinese citizens. The country has liberal immigration regulations to encourage visitors, as a significant percentage of their revenue comes from tourism.

There are different visas foreigners can apply for if they wish to visit for business, pleasure, study, or permanent residency.

Do Chinese Citizens Need a Visa For Mexico?

Chinese passport holders need a visa before they can make the trip to China. This is because China is not on the list of visa-free countries, so they must enter and stay with one. 

That is why obtaining a visa from China before making the trip is important.

Types of Mexico Visa For Chinese

There are different types of Mexican visas you should know about; they are as follows.

Tourist Visa: Mexico has tourist visas for foreigners visiting the country’s famous sites. 

The visa can be obtained from the embassy or via the Internet. Tourist visas are short term, and the owner can only stay for up to 180 days.

Temporary Resident Visa: A temporary resident visa is for Chinese nationals who wish to stay for much longer than six months but not beyond four years. There are requirements before anyone can qualify for a temporary resident visa.

Permanent Visa: A permanent resident visa is for long-term use, and it is mostly for retirees who wish to settle in Mexico. This resident visa is issued to persons with the required income to sustain their long-term stay. Also, they must have lived in the country for at least four years.

Work Visa: Chinese citizens who have secured employment in the country can only work after getting a work visa, and this visa comes with residency and work permit qualifications.

Family Visa:  Persons with family members living in Mexico can join them in the country, but they must show a civil certificate like a birth or marriage certificate to prove their relationship.

Digital Nomad Visa: This is a relatively new type of visa designed to encourage persons who work online to migrate to the country as long as they meet the minimum income requirements. Nomad visas allow them to stay and continue their work without needing a work permit.

Is There A Transit China To Mexico Visa?

There isn’t a transit China to Mexico visa because the country’s visa policy does not allow for the issuance of such a visa. Chinese travelers who intend to switch flights in a Mexican airport can do so in less than 24 hours without a visa. Once they arrive, the immigration officer on duty will take their passports and escort them to the transit area, where they will wait until their connecting flight is ready. 

In the event that a traveler wishes to enter the city to explore, they will need to apply for a Tourist Card or Visa.

Where To Apply For a Visa?

Chinese applicants may apply for a visa in one of three ways.

Online: They may apply for an online or electronic travel authorization visa called the Sistema Authorizacion Electronica which is for short-term visits. This visa doesn’t require physical interaction with consular officers in China.

On Arrival: Another option is to apply for an FMM or tourist card once they arrive at a Mexican airport. Immigration officers on standby will issue them the form to fill out and submit, and the card will be issued to them so they can enter the country.

Embassy: The third option is to apply for a visa at the Mexican embassy in Beijing or any of the other provinces in the country. This option is ideal for persons applying for long-term visas.

When applying for a China-to-Mexico visa, use any of the application options suited for the visa you want.

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