How to get visa to Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country visited by many foreign nationals each year. The country has a lot to offer hence, it is visited by many tourists and businessmen. People travel to Mexico for different reasons. If you also have intentions to travel to Mexico, you should be aware of what the application process is and how you can successfully travel to Mexico. There are some foreign citizens who are allowed visa free travel but those who are not must get the Mexican visa.

Getting a visa to Mexico is not a very difficult task and you can easily obtain the visa if you are clear on the purpose of your visit and correctly fill all the requirements! Continue studying this article to get further details about the process of getting a Mexican visa!

What is the Mexico Visa?

The Mexico visa a travel document that is provided to travelers for a maximum of 180 days during which individuals can either tour the country, tend to business needs, etc. There are also other visas that facilitate residency in Mexico. If you belong to a country that is not allowed visa free travel to Mexico, the you must get the Mexico visa for your travel.

The processing times for most of the short term visas can range between 2 days to 10 days. In case of any discrepancy with the application, the processing time can be extended up to 2-3 weeks. However, with the long stay visa, the processing time is greater as they analyze multiple elements about you and your application.

Different Types of Mexico Visa

There are multiple types of Mexico visas. These include short stay and long stay visas.

Mexico Tourist Visa

The Mexican tourist visa is a visitor visa for individuals who want to enter Mexico for tourism purposes or any recreational activity.

Mexico Business Visa

The business visa is for individuals who want to cater to business activities in Mexico such as attending business meetings, conferences or negotiating and signing important deals.

Mexico Permanent Residency Visa

This is long stay visa as with this visa you aim to stay in Mexico permanently rather than for just a few months.

Mexico Temporary Residence Visa

To stay in Mexico for more than 180 days but less than 4 years, you need to get the Mexico temporary residence card.

Study Visa

The study visa allows individuals to go to Mexico for educational purposes. If you want to attend a university or complete any certification or diploma from Mexico, then you must get the study visa. To get the study visa you must provide the acceptance letter from the educational institute.

Work Permit

The work permit is different from the business visa as it allows you to indulge in employment opportunities. Therefore, to get a work permit you must provide the employment letter too!

What is the Procedure to Acquire the Mexican Visa?

The Mexican visa application process is hassle-free. If you need a visa, then first of all you need to look up the requirements for the visa with respect to the country you are applying to. Next, you need to decide which visa type you want to apply for.

Once you have done so you need to complete the visa application form and gather all the required documents. If you are applying through the Embassy, then you need to schedule an appointment to visit the Embassy and submit your documents there or you could apply online!

You will then pay your visa fee and wait for the visa processing. There may be an intermediate step of giving the visa interview.

Mexico Visa Requirements

There are certain required documents that you need to apply for a Mexican visa. There are documents that you will need regardless of the type of visa you apply for. This includes providing your valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months after you leave Mexico. You have to provide your passport photo as well!

You have to correctly fill the entire Mexico visa application form. Moreover, you have to provide the travel itinerary. The itinerary must describe the reason for your visit and the duration you will be staying. Proof of accommodation and flight tickets is also necessary.

To let the Mexican immigration authorities know that you have sufficient funds to cover your cost for the travel you need to provide relevant documents such as the bank statement.

Depending on the type of visa you apply to you may be asked to submit an invitation letter or a cover letter. And proof of employment, acceptance, etc. may also be required.

Where Can You Apply for a Mexican Visa?

You can apply by going to the Mexican Embassy or the visa application center. However, if the Embassy or visa center is too far and you don't want to go there, you can apply online too!

You can apply online through the VisaHQ site. You have to simply choose your destination as Mexico and then choose your respective home country. Further details about the visa and its requirements will show up! Fill the visa application form, upload your documents and you're good to go! Wait for the visa to be processed and sent to you!

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