How long can you stay in Mexico without a visa

Many people travel to Mexico yearly because of the lively culture, amazing beaches, and many more attractions! Hence, if you wish to travel to Mexico for tourism, business, or other purposes, you must find out whether a visa is required. You should be aware of each Mexico visa policy applicable to you.

The Mexican government allows visa free travel in many countries. However, this visa free travel is for a limited number of days. Therefore, you should plan accordingly and know how many days you can stay in Mexico without needing a valid Mexican visa.

As you jump into this article, all information about the stay duration in Mexico without a visa will be discussed. Moreover, the article also discusses how to apply for a Mexican visa.

What is a Mexico Visa?

The Mexico visa is a travel document that allows foreign citizens to enter Mexico. Several different types of visas allow individuals to travel to Mexico. Some common Mexico visas include a Mexico tourist visa, business visa, permanent residency visa, temporary residency visa, study visa, and work permit.

If you belong to a country that is not visa-exempt, you must obtain a Mexico visa to travel to Mexico.

Who Needs a Mexican Visa?

Certain countries do not require a visa to travel to Mexico. And if you are excited to go to Mexico, you need to first know if you need a visa to travel to Mexico.

Foreign nationals of many countries need a visa; however, quite a few countries, specifically those member states of the European Union, will not need a visa. They are allowed visa free access to visit Mexico.

Additionally, if you have a valid visa for countries like Japan, Canada, the US, and the UK, you will not need a visa to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days.

Similarly, if you have a residence permit for countries like Canada, Chile, Japan, Peru, the UK, the US, and Colombia, you do not need a visa for a short visit either!

How Long Can You Be in Mexico Without a Visa?

If you are from one of those countries where citizens are allowed to travel visa free, you need to know that you can stay for the duration allowed with a short stay visa. Therefore, you can stay in Mexico for 180 days.

Without a visa, you can visit Mexico for tourism or business purposes. However, if you want to go there for work or residency purposes, you must apply for a work permit, permanent residency, or temporary residency visa.

You can also stay in Mexico for 30 days if you are traveling to Mexico for transit. Additionally, if you are a national of a country who does need a visa to travel to Mexico but you only have to transit and will only stay in the Mexico City International Airport during your transit, you won't be required to get a visa either!

You must remember, however, that even if you do not need a visa to travel to Mexico, you must have your tourist card. You can get this tourist card online or on arrival in Mexico. A tourist card acts as a travel document.

You cannot exceed the 180 days limit, and you will be required to apply for an extension if you wish to extend your stay beyond 180 days in Mexico.

Some countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, can use the Mexican electronic authorization system to get Electronic Travel Authorization to travel to Mexico and stay for 180 days. However, if you obtain the ETA, you cannot travel by land, border, or sea, and the ETA can be obtained online.

Always check whether your country is among the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Mexico visa free, and do not overstay once the 180 days are up.

Applying for the Mexico Visa

If you belong to one of those countries whose citizens are not exempt from the visa requirements, you must apply for the visa. Therefore, before planning your trip, you must check whether you are eligible for visa free travel. To apply for a visa to Mexico, you must visit the Mexico Embassy, Consulate, or the visa application center. Or you could apply online!

Applying online will save time and can be done from anywhere at any time. VisaHQ is an online platform that allows foreign citizens to apply for visas from different countries. To apply for a Mexico visa, you are supposed to select your home country and the destination you wish to visit, and all the details will be displayed on the website. You can assess the requirements for the type of visa you wish to apply for, fill out the application form and submit the documents, and pay the visa fee online!

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