How much show money for tourist visa in Malaysia

How much show money for a tourist visa in Malaysia? Is there a specific amount, or are visitors allowed to bring just any amount of money? This is an important piece of information to bear in mind when planning a trip to a Southeast Asian country. Travelers must know that Malaysia has specific requirements that all visitors must meet before they are allowed into the country.

While some visitors can apply for a short term visa, others can apply for a long-term or multiple-entry visa for the same purpose. Also, some visitors don’t even need a visa at all because of the country they come from, while others are granted a visa once they arrive at the airport. However, there is a constant requirement for all visitors, regardless of their entry document, which is the show money requirement.

What Is Show Money For Tourist Visa?

Show money simply means the minimum amount visitors can have in their wallets once they arrive in the country. This money is required as evidence to show that the visitor can cover their immediate expenses like hotel bills, transportation, and feeding costs. Although they may bring their credit or debit card along for such transactions, the minimum cash amount for pressing needs, like paying for visa-on-arrival fees for those applying for visas at the airport, is required.

In some cases, immigration officers, while interrogating the visitor, will ask for their show money to evaluate whether they are financially capable of meeting their expenses.

How Much Show Money For a Tourist Visa In Malaysia?

Now that you know that tourists must provide evidence of show money, how much must you have? What is the minimum amount? The minimum amount for show money is $1000 per person. That means that as a tourist coming to Malaysia, you must possess at least $1000 in your pocket or wallet. This is especially true for visitors applying for a visa on arrival at the immigration kiosk. Aside from this amount, they will also be required to hold a return flight ticket back to their country at the end of the trip, and the ticket must have the same departure date.

Having a return ticket will serve as proof that the tourist has every intention to return to their home country at the end of the visit.

What Is A Tourist Visa?

A Malaysian tourist visa is a travel document issued by the Malaysian government through its foreign affairs ministry and its immigration agency to visitors coming to spend their holidays in the country or for sightseeing. This visa is issued as a single or multiple-entry visa, and it is issued for tourism purposes or to those visiting their friends or family in Malaysia. Applicants do not have to apply with a reference issued by the Immigration agency or a letter of invitation issued by a Malaysian company or individual.

You only need to be genuine about your intentions to visit the country for tourism and for a short time. You should also know that immigration officers at the arrival point will decide whether you can enter the country even if you have a visa.

Not all visitors are sent back if the officers deem them not eligible for tourist entry; sometimes, they issue a pass or a short term visa for social visits. Passes expire after a few days.

Who Needs A Tourist Visa?

Not everyone needs a tourist visa to enter Malaysia. If you are from a visa-exempt country, you only need a valid passport and not a visa to enter Malaysia. Tourist visas and visas generally are only required for visitors from non-visa-exempt countries.

How To Apply For A Tourist Visa?

The application method is dependent on the applicant’s nationality. One option is to apply for a visa by visiting the Malaysian embassy in their country. This standard application practice takes longer and will require the applicant to submit themselves for a one-on-one interview with the visa officer after submitting their documents. The application may also be submitted at a licensed visa application center if there isn’t an embassy or Consulate nearby or in the country.

The other option is to apply for the visa online. Online applications are only open to applicants from selected countries and are a much faster method. To apply for a tourist visa online, do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Malaysia as your destination

  • Choose your country of citizenship

  • Select tourist visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach travel documents

  • Pay visa fee

  • Submit for approval

Now that you know how much show money for a tourist visa in Malaysia, gather your passport, two photos, proof of accommodation and funds, and a complete flight Itinerary to apply for your tourist visa.

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