Kenya visa for US citizens

Many citizens across the globe can visit Kenya without a visa. However, the United States is not on the list of countries, making it necessary for US passport holders to obtain a visa before setting foot in Kenyan territory.

Any person over the age of 16 is required to hold a nonimmigrant visa for Kenya. The visa has a validity of up to 90 days (three months) as it is a single-entry type of visa. You must obtain a new visa if you intend to enter Kenya again.

Kenya visa requirements

You will be required to fill out an application form online. You can access the form via any device that has an internet connection. Once you have completed the form, you will be required to submit valid copies of the following documents as part of Kenya's entry requirements:

  • Passport copy: You must upload a clear scan of the pages containing the personal information of your signed passport. Make sure to include a copy of the front cover of the document.

  • Passport-type photograph: You will be required to submit a passport-type photograph not older than six months.

  • Proof of accommodation: You must provide a clear copy of your hotel reservations or lodgings you will stay in during your trip. In addition, your name must be present on the reservation.

  • Email: Please provide a valid email to receive updates regarding your request.

  • Means of payment: You can pay the visa fees with a credit or a debit card.

Please note that every person traveling to Kenya is required to fill out a Health declaration within 72 hours before the flight. Once the form is complete, the applicant will be assigned a QR code, which will be required upon arriving at the airport in Kenya.

Kenyan visa categories available for US citizens

You can request multiple types of Kenyan entry visas. You can request single-entry visas with a validity of up to 90 days, or multiple-entry visas with a validity of 1 year or 5 years, depending on what you need at the moment. Still, you must require a different type of visa services based on the motive of your visit:

  • Tourist visa: This nonimmigrant visa is required for foreign citizens who want to visit Kenya for tourism reasons.

  • Business visa: A tourist visa only allows the traveler to visit the country. The applicant must obtain a business visa if they plan to work in the country based to the local laws.

  • Courtesy visa: A courtesy visa is required for those that travel to Kenya on official duties or people who transit through Kenya to a different country.

  • East Africa visa: The East Africa tourist visa allows you to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda at different points throughout the duration of your holiday.

  • Transit visa: This visa is required for people who travel to Kenya and then leave for a different destination within a 72-hour period. People who travel on connecting flights that do not leave the airport will not need a transit visa.

In addition to the list of visas provided above, the Kenyan government has made it easier for US citizens to visit the country, as it is now possible to request Kenyan e-visas online without attending the nearest Kenyan consulate or embassy. You can check the required documents at VisaHQ.

All of the above types of visas are nonimmigrant visas. Immigrant visas require a different process according to the local authorities. You can also request a multiple entry visa.

Kenya visa processing time and cost

The processing time for Kenya visas is relatively quick as the visa services have improved over the years. It can take from one to seven business days for your visa to be ready if the application and the required documents are all correct.

A single-entry Kenyan visa has a total cost of US$110.00. On the other hand, the average cost of a multiple-entry Kenyan visa is US$160.00.

You can request different Kenyan visas depending on the move of your. Generally speaking, you might be able to have your Kenyan visa in less than a week if the application form and the documents provided are all correct.

How to apply for a Kenya visa online

As mentioned, obtaining Kenyan entire visas has become quite convenient due to how uncomplicated the process is. You don't have to visit the nearest Foreign Affairs office to obtain your visa. Here is how you can start the process to acquire your Kenya e-visa as soon as possible:

  • First, complete the Kenya visa application form. Double-check to make sure you have entered the correct information.

  • Pay the processing fee. There are different payment methods available, including debit and credit cards.

  • Last but not least, submit all the required travel documents. You will be notified via email of the approval of your Kenya visa.

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