Greece visa for US green card holders

Greece visa for US green card holders is available, and it comes with a few benefits. We do know that for one to apply for a visa and get it, they must do so in their Country of origin as this is the standard routine in most cases; however, Green card holders who are permanent US residents don’t have to go back to their home countries to apply for a visa to Greece. 

Their green card makes them eligible to apply while in the US.

For years now, many foreigners with green cards have been able to apply for visas to several other countries directly from the US. Such persons have lived in the US for years and obtained permanent residency. So instead of returning to their countries, they can just fill out their application with the embassy or consulate of the Country they wish to enter.

What Is The Difference Between A US Citizen And A Green Card Holder, And What Advantage Does a Citizen Have?

A US citizen is a person who is a national of the United States either by nationalization, naturalization, or marriage. Such a person has visa free access to many countries, including Greece. Instead of applying for a visa to such countries, they can either travel with their valid passports or apply for the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which is a new visa waiver program for Schengen countries that will be mandatory for travelers from Visa free countries.

A US citizen will only need a visa if they intend to stay in Greece for more than 90 days.

Green Card Holders, on the other hand, are not US citizens but foreign nationals who have stayed in the US for a long time and obtained a permanent residency card in the process. 

Although they do not enjoy visa free access like citizens, they can apply for visas to those countries without needing to return to their home country. Green card holders have a higher chance of having their visa applications approved due to their ties to the US as residents.

How To Apply For Greece Visa For US Green Card Holders

The application process requires meticulous steps, as explained below.

Choose the Visa: The first step is to identify the type of visa, as there are different types. If you are going on vacation, a tourist visa will do. If you are traveling for business, opt for a business visa and a cultural exchange visa for any social or sporting trip.

Identify The Place To File The Application: You need to know where to file the application in the US. The Greek government has an embassy in Washington, DC, where you can file your application, but consular offices are in other states. Identify the address 

before making your move.

Complete the Form: Complete the visa application form and sign it. Ensure there are no errors or empty sections.

Book The Appointment: Embassies and consulates don’t allow walk-ins, so you must book an appointment with the embassy before visiting.

Prepare Your Documents: Prepare all the documents you will need for the application and attach it to the application form you have filled out.

Show Up: Show up for the appointment and present your documents to the visa officer on duty. Also, make sure you answer all questions asked honestly and clearly.

Visa applications take about 15 calendar days to process or more, so you must wait. We recommend submitting your application at least a month before your planned trip to Greece. While waiting, you can arrange your bags and get yourself mentally prepared for the trip.

How Much Is The Application Fee?

The application fee will depend on the type of visa you apply for. Schengen visas cost €80, but national visas cost more. The fee must be paid, and a receipt for the payment must be attached to the application before you can submit it. This fee is not refunded and does not guarantee the visa will be issued to you.

Greece Visa Requirements

  • Completed application form

  • Valid Passport

  • US Green Card

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of funds

  • Cover letter

  • Travel medical insurance

  • Two recent photographs

  • Flight ticket reservation

  • Invitation letter (optional)

  • Civil Status certificate


Types of Greece visa You Can Apply For From The US

  • Tourist Visa

  • Transit Visa

  • Cultural Exchange Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Study Visa

  • Official Visa

  • Medical Treat Visa

If you want a long term visa, you can apply for a national visa which is only recognized by Greek immigration, Unlike the short-term Schengen visa recognized by most EU countries.

Greece Visa for US green card holders is available for foreigners who are permanent residents in the US.

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