Does schengen visa cover Greece

Does Schengen visa cover Greece? It definitely does because Greece is a member state in the Schengen zone. By signing the Agreement, it liberalized its visa policy and allowed holders of the Greek Schengen visa to freely enter and exit its borders as long as they were law-abiding and respected the terms of their Visa. The beauty of this Visa is that visitors holding one issued by another country can still use it to enter Greece in line with the free entry/exit policy of the European Union.

 Below, we explain the different types of Schengen visas to give you an idea of the type you may need.


Uniform Schengen Visa

A Uniform Schengen Visa is a special visa that many call the standard Visa for transit and short visits. Most Schengen visitors use this Visa, valid for 90 days, and holders can stay in Greece and travel to 26 other countries in the zone. Many trackers prefer the uniform Visa because it is flexible and can be issued as a multiple-entry visa. Transit visas are of two types: Type A and Type C.

Type A Visa: The Type A Visa is also called the Airport, given to travelers transiting through countries. This Visa is also called a transit visa for those traveling from one Schengen country to another, but the visitor can not leave the Airport while waiting for a change of flight.

Type C Visas: The second type of Uniform Visa is the Type C visa for those who want to reside in Greece for a short time. Type C visas are issued as single, double, or multiple entry visas. Single-entry versions can only be sued once, while double entry versions can be used several times. 

The multiple-entry Visa is the best for frequent travelers who intend to visit Greece several times within a six months period.

There are also Schengen visas based on validity longer than 6 months

1 Year Multiple Entry: The one year multiple entry visa is issued to persons who have used three six months visas within the last two years. If they apply for a new one, they can apply for a longer validity than usual. This one allows the holder to enter Greece or the Schengen zone as often as they want, but they must not exceed the 90 days allowed.

3 Year Multiple Entry: The three-year multiple entry Schengen visa is granted to applicants who have used a one-year visa for the last two years. When they next visit the embassy for a visa, they may get a three year validity visa that will last much longer though the 90 day rule persists.

5 Year Multiple Entry: This one is given to persons who have obtained and used a multiple entry visa for the last two years and didn't break the regulations during their visit. The 90 day rule persists.

Forms Of Schengen Visas

What about the forms of Schengen visas you are eligible to apply for? Let's have a look.

Tourist Visa: Persons coming to Greece for tourism may fill out their tourist application form, which grants them access for six months to visit all the fun sports and historical sites on the Greek mainland and the surrounding islands.

Transit Visa: A Transit visa is strictly for travelers coming to Greece to switch flights. This Visa allows them to stay in the country for an extra day or two.

Study Visa: For a short study that will not exceed 90 days.

Medical Treatment: Persons coming to Greece for medical treatment may apply for this Visa and get it as long as they can show evidence of the acceptance letter the hospital or medical facility issued to them.

Diplomatic Visa: Officials, foreign governments, or their representatives who have business in Greece may apply for a diplomatic visa with their diplomatic passports.

Limited Territory Visa: A Limited territory visa is an uncommon visa issued to travelers which allows them to enter one or only a few Schengen visas. This Visa is not recognized by countries not listed on it and is issued for peculiar reasons or emergencies.

What Do I Need To Apply For A Schengen Visa?

You will need the following documents to get this Visa;

  • Application Form duly signed and completed

  • Valid passport not older than ten years and with three months validity minimum

  • Two identical photographs

  • Travel Medical Insurance

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of funds

  • Two-way flight ticket reservation

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Invitation letter, if necessary

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Civil status certificate, if required

The embassy will only accept all these documents after paying the €80 application fee. Minors under six years are exempted from paying, while 6-11 years old must pay €40 as the application fee. This fee is not refundable and does not guarantee the Visa will be issued. Fees are paid using methods laid down by the embassy.

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