Bolivia visa for US citizen

Bolivia is known for its llamas, deadly roads, salt flats, and much more. If you are citizens visiting Bolivia, you are in for a great view with diverse landscapes to visit and enjoy in the country. Here we have gathered your most current visa information so you can visit Bolivia without any issues.

Bolivian Visitor Visa

A Bolivian tourist visa is a thirty-day multiple entry visa with a validity of up to ten years. This visa takes around fifteen days of processing time. To get a tourist visa or a Bolivian visitor visa, citizens must apply online on VisaHQ to get your visa application process started and then submit the following scanned documents:

  • A valid passport with two blank pages free for entry and exit stamps.

  • A visa application form

  • Passport type photographs with white backgrounds

  • Complete round trip ticket information

  • Yellow fever vaccine certificate

  • Bank statements

  • Hotel reservation prior to arrival in Bolivia at the hotel directly from their official websites will be acceptable. No other websites booking will be accepted.

  • Invitation letter with the details on the purpose of visit, duration of trips, address, visitor, and host information.

  • An authorization proof for VisaHQ stating they can submit and get your passport from the embassy or consulate.

  • For application, electronic copies of documents are required.

Official Visa

This visa is a ninety day single entry visa with up to thirty days of validity. It is usually obtained the next day, but citizens should apply for it four to six weeks prior as the Bolivian consulate has limited visa stamps. US citizens applying for an official visa need to submit the following documents.

  • Visa form with all the sensitive information such as your name, date of birth, etc.

  • Original passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Complete itinerary

  • Yellow fever vaccination proof

  • A state department letter from the United States government to the Bolivian embassy provides the applicant's details and states that the US Embassy in Bolivia will take full responsibility after the national migration service is completed.

  • Authorization form completed and signed by applicant giving authority for the application process to VisaHQ.

Specific Purpose Visa

The specific purpose trip of US citizens needs a Bolivian visa. This visa is a single entry visa with validity for up to 180 days. It is obtained within 10-14 business days, and for application, the citizens must submit the following documents.

  • Visa application form

  • Valid Passport

  • Passport type photographs

  • Round trip ticket

  • Yellow fever vaccination proof

  • Proof of status in the country, such as Bolivian cedula de identidad, work, study permit, etc.

  • Financial status proofs.

  • Proof of good conduct or police report from the local police station.

  • Invitation or approval invitation from the Bolivian authorities.

  • Business letter addressed to Bolivian embassy stating the purpose to conduct business, applicant name, etc. It should include a date to enter and leave Bolivia. Position in the company, name, validity of the visa, etc.

  • Proof of authorization to allow VisaHQ to submit your application.

Transit Visa

To apply for a transit visa, you should have a separate visa for the transit and need to carry some documents. These documents should include your proof of onward travel, passport, pictures, etc. For more information, you can visit consulate websites, call the consulate or contact VisaHQ for further information on the trip.

Student Visa

The US citizens visiting Bolivia through obtaining a student visa must know that the student visa is a single entry visa with thirty days validity. The visa is usually obtained within 10-14 working days, and the following documents are required for the trip application.

  • Application Form

  • Original passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Complete details of trip and tickets

  • Yellow fever vaccination proof

  • Proof of status, such as a study permit

  • Proof of financial status

  • Police report

  • Scanned copies of documents

  • Original and attested transcripts

  • Enrollment certificate

  • The medical certificate with analysis for HIV

  • Authorization certificate allowing VisaHQ to apply for a Bolivian visa and get your passport after visa stamping.

Visa With a Valid Bolivian Identity Document

If Bolivian visa applicants have dual nationality, they can enter Bolivia without a visa. However, they will need to submit proof regarding their identity, such as a valid Bolivian identity document or any other document stating their Bolivian citizenship.

Bolivian Visa through Land or Air Border

Whether you are traveling by land, air, or sea, as non-Bolivian citizens, you need a visa and some medical information for your trips. Since there is no direct information on HIV restrictions for foreign residents or visitors as per the Bolivian law, you can contact the Bolivian embassy or visit the gov websites and get information on port, air, or land border entry requirements information.

How to Obtain Authorization Form

Getting your authorization documents is simple. You have to visit VisaHQ and share sensitive information such as your name, family name, residence details, place and date of birth, passport number, and other details to submit the online visa application form. Once it is submitted, you can proceed with filling out the authorization form and handing over your documents to VisaHQ.

Bolivian Visa Fee

The Bolivian visa fee varies based on the type of visa you are applying for. If you are applying for a tourist visa, then the tourist visa fee is around $259. The official visa fee is around $209. The specific purpose visa fee is around $294, and the student fee is around $149. Moreover, you might have to submit additional documents, such as an international certificate, medical certificate, etc., to an official government organization if requested.

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