Bolivia visa for Nigeria

Many countries have a free Bolivia visa benefit to enter Bolivia, but Nigeria citizen need a visa to visit Bolivia. They have to complete the Bolivian visa application process and get a Bolivia visa, and then only they can visit Bolivia to enjoy the hot summers and extremely cold weather of major cities like Santa Cruz, La Paz, and more. So, the following are the Bolivia visa you can apply for if you want to see Uyuni generally cool salt flats, eat whole roasted guinea pig, visit tourist sites, and just get lost in the fascinating culture of Bolivia.

Bolivia Tourist Visa

Prospective visitors hoping to travel to Bolivia will need a Bolivia tourist visa and have to fulfill the following visa requirements to get a tourist visa. The Bolivia tourist visa is thirty days, single entry visa. This visa is valid for up to ninety days and has 15 working days processing time. You can visit the nearest embassy or consulate and get information for entry requirements through a tourist visa or apply through VisaHQ.

  • Valid passport with blank pages

  • Passport type pictures

  • Financial status proof

  • Proof of yellow fever vaccine

  • Hotel reservation

  • Some other documents, where applicable

Bolivia Business Visa

Currently, VisaHQ is not providing the application for a Bolivia business visa, but you can contact the Bolivia embassy or consulate for further information or can visit VisaHQ to get your queries solved. The general requirements for this Bolivia visa are the same, and if you have to submit other documents required, they will guide you.

However, you must know a few things, such as Bolivia has different power and socket plug connections, so you must research before taking your electronics. Also, intending visitors might have to change their foreign currency into the official currency of Bolivia at international airports, so keep an eye out for exchange outlets and bring sufficient funds to avoid any problems.

Bolivia Student Visa

Students of Nigeria hoping to travel to Bolivia will also need a visa. This visa is a single entry visa with a thirty day validity and takes 10-14 working days to process. They must apply for a Bolivia student visa for their minimum period of study in the country. The visa acceptance for Bolivia depends on the visa requirements for a Bolivia student visa as listed below:

  • Visa application form

  • Original Passport

  • Valid passport type pictures

  • Flight itinerary with dates of entering Bolivia and exiting Bolivia

  • Yellow fever vaccine proof

  • Proof of student permit

  • Bank statement

  • Police Report

  • Original transcripts either in English or the Official language of Bolivia

  • The enrollment letter for Bolivia consists of proof of enrollment in a university, school, or institute.

  • Medical Certificate

Note: All documents must be scanned and submitted, and ensure your estimated flight time hours ahead of your visa expires.

Bolivia Visa Requirements

Following are the Bolivia visa requirements if you want to travel to Bolivia. You must have all the stated documents to get a valid visa to travel to Bolivia and enjoy the traditional religious beliefs, Bolivia's dry season, extremely cold weather, hot summers, etc.

  • Valid passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Detailed printed itinerary with airline details. It should mention the name of airlines like Air Europe, Air Italy, Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, and other international airport flights.

  • Proof of hotel reservation in detail

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate

  • Any additional documents, if required.

Visa Application through Bolivian Embassy or Consulate

If you are applying for the Bolivia visa through the Bolivia embassy, then you must follow the steps below:

  • Contact the Bolivian consulate to learn about visa requirements and inquire if you can enter without a visa and do you have to make an appointment, or you can mail the documents required to the Bolivian consulate. Ask about all the options.

  • Then complete the Bolivia visa online application form known as Sworn Statement for Visa Application. Also, attach the following required documents:

    • Passport valid till six months after the date you enter Bolivia

    • Passport size pictures

    • Flight itinerary

    • Provide proof of accommodation

    • Latest bank statement

    • Vaccination certificate against yellow fever

    • Additional documents such as invitation letter, job letter, etc., if requested by Bolivian authorities.

  • Check the "Bolivia Visa Requirements" tab and gather all the required documents.

  • Visit the Bolivian embassy or mail the required documents if the option is present.

  • Your application will be forwarded to National Migration Service in Bolivia by the Bolivian embassy in Nigeria.

  • The application process will take 3-5 weeks, and then you will be given your Bolivian visa for entering Bolivia only if your application has been accepted.

Note: You must pay the visa fee, airport tax, and other costs, where applicable if you want to travel to Bolivia. There are situations where you can visit Bolivia without a visa for approximately ninety days, but if you plan to stay for a longer time, then you must get a Bolivia visa.

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