Bolivia visa for Indians

For entry into Bolivia, several nations need a visa. The nationality of the passport you will be using to travel determines whether or not you need a visa. While some visas are free, some cost money. Some are available as you arrive at the border of Bolivia. Others need to be acquired beforehand entering Bolivia.

Researching your visa requirements before your trip is essential, as is applying for your Bolivian visa within the required time frames. As far as Indian national are considered, they lie in the second visa category of Bolivia and need a visa. Let's browse different visas and visa requirement to enter Bolivia.

Bolivia Tourist Visa

The Bolivia tourist visa is a single entry visa with up to 1 month's validity and has a processing time of 3-5 working days. If you want to apply for a visa on arrival, then you will have to pay a fee upon arrival at the Bolivian border. However, a visa applied prior to arrival on the border is free for Indian national. If you want to apply for a visa prior to the visit, you can apply through the VisaHQ> websites. The process is as follows:

  • Visit the VisaHQ web page.

  • Submit an online application form with your detailed information such as name, school/college education, birth city/place, etc.

  • Submit the visa application fee

  • Submit additional documents, if applicable

  • Wait for visa approval.

Note: For Indians hoping to travel to Bolivia, the embassy fee for a tourist visa is free, but they can contact the embassy and find out more about the visa requirements.

Bolivia Business Visa

The business visa is also a single entry visa with a validity of up to 1 month. This visa process also takes 3-5 working days, after which you can get your visa if approved. You can contact VisaHQ or your nearest Bolivia embassy for documents or other queries. You can visit official embassy websites or valid web pages offering detailed information. To apply for a business visa, you have to:

  • Fulfill the visa application form at the VisaHQ web page

  • Log in to the system and provide detailed information for your visa application and trip.

  • Submit the visa fees, if applicable, and submit the demanded documents

  • Wait for the official result of your visa application. If approved, book your trip tickets as per your travel plan.

Getting a Bolivia Visa on Arrival

If you cannot contact the Bolivian embassy, you can get a visa on arrival at the international airports, La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba. However, there are some rules, and when it comes to visa on arrival, the Bolivian immigration authorities do not have information on who is eligible for the visa. Your application can also get failed, so it is better to get a visa before your travel.

You must complete all the Bolivian visa requirements and get your required documents ready if you want to get a visa on arrival. Also, make sure to fulfill the cash requirement before your travel to the country.

Ensure your application process is complete, and you have already gotten knowledge from the Bolivian embassy regarding the visa application for on arrival Bolivia visa.

Applying for a Bolivia Visa through Bolivian Consulate

To apply for a Bolivia visa through a Bolivian embassy, you should follow the below given process.

  • Visit your nearest Bolivian consulate or contact them through their official government websites. Get information about the Bolivia visa requirements and whether you can mail the documents, have to get an appointment, or how to apply for your visa type.

  • Complete the Bolivia visa application form with the details that match your official documents. Create online copies of your documents and submit them. The documents will include the following:

    • Valid passport

    • Passport size picture

    • Ticket and travel information

    • Hotel reservations

    • Invitation letter, if applicable.

    • A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever

    • Any other documents that may be required

  • Gather the required documents as per Bolivia visa requirements

  • Submit the Bolivia visa fee as per required by the Bolivian consulate

  • Submit the documents at the consulate during opening hours, working hours, or on your appointment day. You can also send in the documents requirement by mail if accepted by the consulate.

  • The process will take time, and you will be notified if you get approved.

  • You would receive your stamped passport and document in person if you submitted them personally or by mail to the mailing address you provided to the consulate.

Bolivia Visa Requirements

For obtaining a visa, the national must meet the following requirement or any other requirement demanded by the consulate.

  • A valid passport must be valid six months after the date of arrival in the country.

  • Printed Bolivia application form

  • Passport size pictures

  • Accommodation proof such as hotel reservation or invitation letter from your host with dates of your stay.

  • Flight itinerary

  • Bank statements

  • Yellow fever vaccination should be recorded at least ten days before the flight.

You might also need to submit some additional requirement depending on your type of visa, as given below:

  • For transit, you must provide a flight ticket to prove your intention to travel to third countries after Bolivia.

  • For students, you must provide academic requirement, police clearance requirement, and a letter of acceptance.

Bolivia Visa Fee

Depending on your nationality, a Bolivian visa will cost you money. If you apply in advance of your trip at an Embassy or Consulate and are from one of the Group 2 countries, you might be eligible for a free visa. You will have to submit a fee of roughly $160 if you apply on arrival. If you do not get a visa before your trip to Bolivia, you might be required to submit $86 for a tourist visa and $216 for a business visa.

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