Schengen visa Belgium

Schengen visa Belgium is a travel document issued to visitors coming from foreign countries outside Europe that are not on the Belgium visa Exempt list of Belgium. This multi-national Belgian Schengen visa is recognized by all countries in Europe except The Republic of Ireland, and it allows the holder to stay in the Schengen zone for up to 90 days. 

If you have any plans to travel to Belgium any time soon and also intend to visit other Schengen countries, make sure you read this article from start to finish to know more about the Schengen visa policy as it concerns Belgium.

Belgium At A Glance

Belgium is a Western European country known officially as the Kingdom of Belgium. The country shares a common border with the Netherlands and is home to more than 11 million people, with its capital in Brussels. Brussels is the largest and most populated city in the country, but there are other equally advanced cities like Antwerp and Charleroi. The Kingdom has a long history of occupation by different civilizations and rulers like the Spanish, Dutch, Austrians, and French, who left behind traces of their culture and architecture, most of which still stand to this day.  

There are cobbled streets, medieval buildings, canals, and hilly farmlands. Furthermore, Belgium is also a top tourist destination in Western Europe, with millions of tourists coming to enjoy the breathtaking views of Antwerp, the Flemish Beguinages, and the popular Archeological Museum in Arlon. Those who prefer a more traditional and less noisy scenery take a trip to Brugges, which is home to several canals that crisscross the length and breadth of the city.   

Life in Belgium is not as expensive as in many other Western cities and is cheaper if you move further south. In terms of the economy, the Kingdom is one of the richest countries in the world and is one of the official capitals of the European Union. This has allowed a significant number of the population to enjoy stable living standards. Lastly, many Belgians are bilingual and can speak two or more languages, with French, English, and Dutch being the most popular languages.

Do I Need A Schengen Visa To Enter Belgium?

A Schengen Belgian visa is required to enter Belgium if you are not from a visa country or any of the Schengen countries. Schengen citizens do not need visas to visit other Schengen countries due to the open border policies agreed upon by all member states. Also, those who are from any of the over 60 visa-exempt countries do not need a Schengen visa to enter Belgium; they will only need ETIAS approval which is set to launch by November 2023.

If you are not from a Schengen nation or any of the visa-free nations, you definitely need a Schengen visa to enter Belgium. The visa is valid for six months from the day it is issued, and you can stay in Belgium or within the Schengen zone for 90 days.

What Can You Use The Schengen Visa Belgium For?

You can use the visa to do the following.

Transit: This visa is useful as a transit visa to switch flights at any Belgian airport. However, if you don’t plan to leave the airport, you don’t need a transit visa; it is only required for travelers who wish to leave the airport.

Tourism: You can visit Belgium as a tourist on a Schengen visa. It allows you to travel to any part of the country for sightseeing and exploration.

Visitor: Do you wish to visit family and friends in Belgium? You can visit and spend time with them for 90 days or less.

Business Visa: Business persons coming for meetings or to attend fairs or conferences can avail of this visa.

Medical Treatment: If you seek medical treatment in Belgium and the procedure will not take more than three months, this visa is right for you.

This visa can also be used for short study purposes or sports, film crew, and cultural events. However, note that the embassy will demand documents to verify your intentions.

Where Can I Apply For A Schengen Visa?

That will depend on whether there is a Belgian embassy in your country or not. The obvious choice is the embassy, but if there is none in your country, find out the licensed visa application center of the Belgian government and submit your documents and application form to them.

Schengen Visa Belgium Documents

  • Passport with a minimum of three months validity

  • Two recent photographs that meet Schengen requirements

  • Completed application form

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Travel Insurance

  • Cover letter

  • Biometric data

  • Round trip itinerary

  • Proof of civil status

  • Visa Fees

Kindly note that the processing time for the Schengen visa Belgium application is 15 calendar days, but it may take a bit longer in some cases.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
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