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Belgium is one of the smallest countries in the Europe. Moreover, Belgium has a lot to offer its travelers, such as modern architecture, medieval castles, great food, worldwide fashions, more than a thousand brands of beer, and much more. Belgium is also a country that has not only a single but three different official languages.

Belgian Short Stay Visa Application

The Belgian short stay visa process is available for the following visa type, and you have to get all the documents stated in the visa requirements heading to get your Belgium visa to enter Belgium.

  • Belgium visa for tourist and short-term visitors. The Belgium tourist visa is equivalent to this Schengen visa. You have a ninety day maximum stay in the country as a visitor.

  • Belgium Transit Visa. Travelers who need to enter the Schengen region to change their mode of transportation are granted a transit visa.

Belgian Long Stay Visa Application

Depending on the reason for travel, those citizens who wish to remain in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days must apply for a long-stay visa, also known as a visa D. The following are the visas that lie under this category.

  • Belgium Student visa. If you intend to study in Belgium, you can apply for this visa, which is typically valid for six months but may be extended until the end of your course of study.

  • Belgium Work visa. You may apply for a work visa if you wish to work in Belgium. Typically, this sort of visa requires sponsorship from an employer in Belgium. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

  • Belgium Dependent visa. This visa, also known as a family reunion visa, is granted if you have a family member, typically a partner, who is already a resident of Belgium and wish to join them there. The typical length of your dependent visa is equal to the length of your partner's visa.

To remain in Belgium permanently, you must apply for a residence permit after arriving there on a long-term visa. This visa is, after that, replaced by the residency permit.

To study, work, or stay longer than three months in Belgium, you must apply for both a visa and a permit. Before your trip, the Belgian Embassy offers a D visa. However, the Belgian Immigration Authorities issue a Belgian residence permit after you are in the country.

Belgium Schengen Long Stay Visa Required Documents

Belgium has different long-term visa requirements depending on the kind of visa you want to apply for. These are the typical documents you should bring to your Schengen visa interview. However, immigration authorities can also request more documents. 

  • Long-term visa form. You will get the application form from the Belgian Embassy, Consulate, or VisaHQ. Sometimes, they could have a download link on their website. 

  • Valid passport.

    • It must be valid and contain a minimum of two blank pages on which the visa authorities can place your visa.

    • It must be issued within 10 years.

    • It should be effective even after you leave the Schengen zone. At least three more months must pass before the validation expires.

  • 2 passport type photographs. Bring two photographs of yourself in the format required by the Schengen visa, or submit digital copies in case of online submission.

    • The last six months should have passed since the photo was shot.

    • Your image must be clear and in the frame, measuring 35x40mm.

    • You must use a color, not a black and white image.

  • Health insurance. For the duration of your stay in Belgium, you must have full health insurance.

  • You must bring all necessary documentation of your civil status if requested by immigration authorities.

    • Birth certificate.

    • Marriage certificate.

    • Death certificate, etc.

  • Belgium Visa fee payment. 

    • You can pay your fee at the embassy, consulate, or VisaHQ.

    • You must typically pay your Schengen visa cost in cash.

    • Typically, you must pay the visa fee before your interview, and the embassy requests you bring the receipt. The embassy will inform you of the payment's due date and method. You can also contact VisaHQ for any queries related to the fee.

Belgian Schengen Visa Application Submission

The processes to apply for a Belgium visa is listed below:

  • Fill in your application form at VisaHQ.

  • Gather all of your documents. Make sure you gather the appropriate documents for the type of Belgium visa you are looking for after completing your application.

  • Find out where you can submit your visa application for a Belgium visa. Select one of the nearby reputable offices:

    • The Belgian Embassy in your home country

    • Belgian consulates in your home country

    • Visa Application Center such as VisaHQ, to which the government of Belgium has outsourced visa submission.

  • Set up a meeting. Once the documents are ready, you must set up a delivery appointment through email or in person.

  • Show up for the interview. You will respond to inquiries about your purpose for visiting Belgium.

Belgium Schengen Visa Requirements

To visit Belgium, you have to apply for a Belgium visa. The Belgian embassy demands a variety of documents that you must collect before the application process. The following documentation is needed to apply for a visa to Belgium:

  • Belgium visa application form.

  • Two passport size photos.

  • Your passport.

  • Copies of previous visas, if applicable.

  • Language Preference Form.

  • A cover letter, if applicable.

  • Round trip flight itinerary. 

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Proof of residence in the Schengen area.

  • Proof of civil status.

  • Proof of sufficient financial means is required during your stay in Belgium.

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