Schengen visa photo size Belgium

Schengen visa photo size Belgium requirements are very important instructions to consider when applying for the visa. Embassies take photo sizes seriously and reject applications that use the wrong photos. Below we review the photo size requirements for Schengen visas.

What Is The Photo Size Requirement?

First, you should know that photo size requirements are the same for all Schengen issuing embassies of all countries. So whether you are applying to the Belgian, German, French, Italian, or any other embassy, the photo you use must match the requirements.

Schengen Visa Photo Size Belgium

Any photo used for the visa must have a size dimension of 45 mm x35 mm with a white background and a full color display. The photo must also show your face fully with all the angles intact. This sizing dimension is the standard for photos because it is bold enough to showcase the person's facial features.

But besides the size, there are other important requirements you should bear in mind. Here they are.

Positioning: The face should be positioned in the middle of the photograph with your face fully aligned and in a straight position.

Expression: When the shot is taken, you must maintain a neutral facial expression with no smiling or frowning allowed.

Eyes: Your eyes should be open and not shut, and they must be bare, as glasses are not allowed. Avoid wearing sunglasses, but if you must wear a medically recommended glass, it must have a transparent lens that will show your eyes.

Headgear: Headgear should not be worn unless for religious purposes, and even that should not cover your face or obscure your features.

Two photographs are required for Schengen visa applications and must be at most six months.

Photo Requirements For Babies

For babies, the photo requirements are slightly different. Although the embassy will require two photographs for the white background, you can take the picture while the baby is lying on a white bedsheet or cardboard paper. If the baby is too small to lay on a surface or stand still, the picture can be taken of the baby sitting in a car seat. But the 45 mm x35 mm size dimension remains the same.

How To Use The Photograph?

The photo will be attached to the application form but only at the instruction of the embassy visa officer. 

In some cases, the officer will attach it to the form for you, so avoid using gum or a stapler. Just present your documents to the officer alongside the photographs and exist for further instructions.

Other Documentary Requirements

You must submit the documents to the embassy for a Schengen visa.

Application Form: A visa application form is available at the embassy or online, which you must obtain and correctly fill. Sign the application form in the box provided and date it as well.

Passport: A valid passport is a must for visa applications. Only passports that will expire at least three months after your departure date will be accepted. It must also have two empty pages and cannot be older than ten years.

Cover Letter: A short cover letter signed by your duly explaining why you want to visit Belgium. The letter should include details about your trip and other information like the arrival and departure date, length of stay, etc.

Travel Health insurance: A minimum active Insurance policy cover of €30,000. This policy will cover any emergency medical costs.

Travel Itinerary: Your round trip itinerary, including your flight ticket reservation to and from Belgium

Proof of Funds: A bank statement showing a minimum available balance to cover your expenses during your time in Belgium

Visa Fee: The visa fee must be paid before you can submit your application. The receipt generated must be presented as evidence.

Proof Of Accommodation: An Airbnb or hotel reservation is required, but if you have a family member or friend to stay with, you can use their house address in Belgium.

Invitation Letter: A signed invitation letter from your host is mandatory if you have been invited. 

The letter should contain key details about your trip.

Previous Schengen Visas: If you have been issued a Schengen visa in the past, attach a copy to your application.

Civil Status Certificate: Certificates to provide relationships like birth, death, family, or marriage certificate.

These are the major documents the embassy will request when applying for a Schengen visa.

Is There An Application Fee?

The application fee for this visa depends on the age of the applicant. Minors under the age of six are exempted from fees, but those who are 6 to 11 years pay €40. Older persons pay the standard fee of €80. This fee is not refundable.

The Schengen visa photo size Belgium is 45 mm x 35 mm.

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