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South Africa is known as the rainbow country and is known for its multicultural diversity. South African passport holders are allowed to enter most countries without a visa for a short stay, but they need a Schengen visa to visit Belgium.

South African passport holders can also apply for a long stay visa to travel to Schengen states, but there are a few travel restrictions they must fulfill before planning a long stay visa in the Schengen area. Here are a few visas you can apply for if you want to enter Belgium.

Tourist Belgium Schengen Visa

The tourist visa for Belgium is present in both single and multiple entries. This Belgium Schengen visa has validity and stays up to ninety days. The processing time for the tourist visa is usually fifteen working days. To get a Schengen visa for travel purposes, you need the following travel document:

  • Visa Application Form

  • Original Passport valid for six months after the visa expires

  • Valid passport copy

  • Passport size photographs with white background

  • Proof of status in home country such as residence permit, work or study permit

  • Health insurance

  • Original bank statements showing proof of sufficient funds

  • Itinerary and other travel document for the schedule of the trip with the applicants' name

  • Applicant residence plans in Belgium

  • If applicable, employment letter, marriage certificate, personal invitation, parental approval, birth certificate, etc.

Business Belgium Visa

This Belgium Schengen visa application offers single entry and multiple entries for up to ninety days stay and validity in this Schengen zone. This work visa application usually takes around fifteen business days processing time, and the following are required documents for the application.

  • The Belgium visa applications form; completed and signed

  • Valid passport

  • Original passport copy

  • passport size photographs

  • Proof of status in the home country

  • Medical Insurance

  • Business Letter or Job Employment Letter

  • Original Bank Statements

  • Flight Details

  • Residence plans in Belgium

  • Some additional documents, if requested

Health Declaration E-Form

All applicants getting their Belgium visa must get their Health declaration forms 72 hours before their flight takes off. You should also have blank pages in your passport when you apply for a visa. You must contact your nearest embassy or VisaHQ for further details and the latest information regarding the health declaration form.

Online Visa Application Form and Process

This Belgium Schengen visa is an outsourced visa submission through the VisaHQ website. You have to submit the application form. Fulfill the visa requirements, pay the visa fees and wait for your visa approval. Once you get your visa application approved by the Belgium embassy. You can book tickets and enter Belgium. However, to apply for this Belgium visa, you must submit your biometrics at the consulate general or Belgium embassy in your country and then submit the online application form and documents required. Here are the steps that you must follow for an online visa application:

  • Open the VisaHQ website

  • Set destination "Belgium" and citizenship "South Africa."

  • Register and submit your application form at VisaHQ

  • You will have to give your contact details, name, travel plans, passport details, travel date, and other details in the application form

  • Submit valid documents and passport and wait for your Schengen visa application process.

  • The applicant might need to book an appointment at the Belgium consulate general to submit their biometrics.

  • Then pay the visa fee for the Schengen visa application and wait for your visa approval from the Embassy present in South Africa.

Visa Application through Belgium Embassy

South African citizens can easily apply for a Schengen visa application through the embassy present in South Africa. If you are going to apply for a student visa, business visa, or any type of visa application, you must first get details about all visa requirements. Then, ask the consulate general or the Belgium embassy if they accept documents by mail and the visa submission process. Usually, you complete the required documents and your visa applications and then submit them to the Belgium embassy.

Suppose you want VisaHQ or Belgium embassy to answer questions related to the application process. In that case, you can submit your questions via email or call the embassy for the details of the Belgium visa.

Visa Application Processing and Service Fee

If you are applying for a Schengen visa to Belgium, you should get details for all visas before visiting the Schengen area. For a tourist visa application, the visa fee is around $292. A work visa application usually has a visa fee of around $292, and to get payment details health declaration form for the Schengen visa application, the citizens of South Africa can contact the embassy directly and book an appointment to know all about traveling to a Schengen country with long stay visas, short stay visas, residence permit, student visas, or any other type of visa applications.

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