How long does Austria schengen visa take

If you have submitted an application for an Austrian visa or are planning to apply for one soon, you will be interested to know how long does Austria Schengen visa take. Different from national visas, Schengen visas take less time on average, but you should also know that all Austrian Embassies abroad operate in different ways and have different timetables. Many factors determine the processing timeline, as you will find out below, so keep reading.

Austria In The Schengen Zone

Austria is a central European country with a population of 9 million population. It lies just south of Germany, which shares close historical links with and German is the official language of the country. Austria is strategically located and serves as a connecting route between the East and the West, bordering seven other countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, and the Czech Republic. 

The country is tagged the cultural center of the German speaking world, with Vienna serving as a melting pot of German and central European culture.

Vienna is famous for its architectural nomenclature, with museums, cafes, palaces, and galleries all coming together to tell the tale of the city and the whole country in general. Austria is a very rich country with many national brands that have spread their influences into other regions of the world. It is also home to a few world heritage sites, including the lakeside Hallstatt village. The birthplace of Mozart is Salzburg, another famous city in the country.  

Austria joined the signed the Schengen Agreement in 1995 before becoming a full member of the zone in 1997.

Who Is Eligible For A Schengen Visa?

This visa is not for all foreigners but only those who come from non visa exempt countries. You need this visa if your country is not on the visa-exempt list.

How Long Does Austria Schengen Visa Take?

This visa may take 30-45 days or more before you get it because of a few factors. The standard processing time is 15 calendar days after the embassy has received your application. Also, an interview is mandatory for most applicants, extending the waiting time for the visa. Here are some factors that may affect waiting times.

Mode of Application: The major factor that will determine how soon you get the visa is the application mode. Will you submit it directly to the embassy or through visa application agents? This is outside your control since the embassy decides that. If the embassy collects the application directly from you, the waiting time will reduce because processing will commence immediately. If you must go through visa agents, the time will be extended.

Visa Interview: If a visa interview is required, you will not be given a date straightaway as you must book the appointment about two to three weeks in advance, and this will extend the time you will have to wait for the visa.

The volume of Applications: Another factor is the volume of applications the embassy is handling at the time you submit the application. If there is an overload of unprocessed applications, getting your visa will take quite some time. Applications tend to spike during summer when many people love to travel.

Additional Documents: After submitting your application, the embassy may request additional documents due to your unique situation. Until you provide it, then your application processing will be on hold.

As you can see, different factors may extend the time it will take to get your visa, so you want to make sure to submit your application as early as possible. If the trip is time based and you cannot afford any delays, we recommend that you submit yours at least 8 weeks before the date of the planned trip.

How Much Is The Austria Schengen Visa Application Fee?

The application fee for the Austrian Schengen visa depends on your age, and here are the price differences.

  • 12 years and above pay €80

  • 6-11 years pay €40

  • Children under 6 years pay no fees for the application

The mode of payment is determined by the embassy, which may be Visa cheques, money orders, credit or debit cards, or even cash. Furthermore, the fee must be paid before you can submit your application and documents. Note that this fee is not refundable, and that doesn’t guarantee that you will be issued a visa.


Austria Schengen Visa Documents

  • Completed application form

  • Two recent photographs

  • Valid passport

  • Cover letter

  • Civil status certificate

  • Travel health insurance

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Round trip flight Itinerary

These documents must be submitted to the embassy before the visa will be issued to you. How long does Austria Schengen visa take? It will take between 3-6 weeks.

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Visa type
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