Austria schengen visa application form

If you want to apply for a Schengen visa, the first and probably the most important document you will need to fill out is an Austrian Schengen visa application form if Austria is the first or only country you plan to visit in the Schengen zone. Based on Schengen travel regulations, applicants are to apply to the embassy of the country they wish to visit first, and they can use the same visa to enter other member states in the Schengen region.

How you fill out the application form matters a great deal to the success or failure of your application, and providing wrong or fake information will lead to rejection. Below, we review the details in the application form and how to fill it out correctly.

Austria Schengen Visa Application Form

Personal Details: The personal details/data section is for your personal information. You must provide your full name as it is written on your passport. Your surname, first name, and other names should be written as clearly as possible. You must also provide additional information such as your country of birth, nationality, place of birth, gender, and civil status (marital status). For minors, their parents or guardians must fill out the form on their behalf.

Passport Information: This section is for your passport information. Applicants must travel with the same passport they used for the visa application. In this section, they must provide the following:

  • The passport number.

  • Issue and expiry date.

  • The issuing government.

  • The place of issue.

Contact Information: The contact information should include their home address, phone number, mailbox, and email address. Applicants must specify whether the box is theirs or belongs to another person. If it belongs to a different owner, they must write the name of the owner.

Residency Information: Specify the country you live in aside from your nationality. If you have a residency permit for another country, you must provide the number and expiry.

Occupation Information: Your occupation information will be required. Write the same occupation as seen on your passport and provide a short explanation of your current occupation is different. Persons without occupations should write that they have no occupation.

Educational Qualifications: You must provide your educational qualifications, such as the institution's name and certification.

Employment Information: This section is for persons working for an employer; they must provide the name of the employer, including the roles filled.

Purpose of The Trip: The purpose of the trip must be clearly explained without ambiguity. There is a box in this section that must be ticked.

Destination Member State: If Austria is the destination state, write Austria. This is the country where you will stay for most of your trip and is called the main destination. If it is not Austria, write the name of the country.

First Entry State: The first entry state is the first country you wish to enter in the Schengen zone.

Number of Entries: There are boxes for a number of entries; tick the appropriate box to indicate how many times. There is also a box for the length of stay.

 Number of Visas Issued: Specify the number of visas you have received over the last three years.

Biometric: This is a box you should tick if your fingerprint has already been taken; indicate the date the data was collected.

Entry Permit For Final Destination: The entry date for the final destination and the number of validity dates. Also, indicate the arrival and departure dates.

Host Information: If you are invited by a person in Austria, provide their name and contact information. If it is an organization, provide their address and contact information.

Travel & Living Expenses: Check the box for the person who will be responsible for your expenses during your stay.

Family Member Information: If you have a family member who is a citizen of the European Union, a Swiss national, or an EEA citizen, write down their name, passport number, and your relationship with them.

Date & Location: Specify the date and location from where you are filling out the form.

Signature: This Austrian Schengen form is only valid if it is signed by you, so endeavor to sign it yourself. A different person should not sign it. For minors, their parents or anyone with parental authority should sign it and indicate their relationship with the minor in parentheses, such as "father, mother, guardian," etc.

This is the information that you must provide in the application form. Do note that the visa officer will study the documents and ask you questions to verify the information provided by you, Endeavor to answer questions in line with what you have in your form; otherwise, your application will be rejected. Also, note that other documents must be attached to the Austrian Schengen visa application form.

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