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Anyone who wishes to visit Angola in business may do so with an Angola business visa. Holding any other visa issued by the Angolan government and engaging in business-related activities is viewed as a violation. To apply for an Angola visa to visit the Central African country, kindly read this post to learn more.

Traveling to Angola

Angola is a Central African nation with huge crude oil deposits and other natural energy resources. The energy industry has fueled the growth of the nation for decades, and it has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world, at more than 11%. The country has several thriving industries, but the oil and mining industry contributes a larger total to the country's GDP. Having suffered several years of civil war and military coups between 1975-2002, Angola is gradually coming out of the doldrums. 

The rising growth has made it an emerging market and one of the top business destinations in the continent for international business persons and investors. There is also a thriving expatriate class in the country, most of whom come from Europe and sister African nations. However, you need a business visa not a tourist visa to visit the country on business.

The Angola Business Visa

The Angolan business visa is a special visa issued to foreign nationals visiting Angola to conduct business. This visa is also called the "Angola Ordinary Visa, " a permit allowing the holder to stay in the country for up to 30 days. With an ordinary visa, you can visit for meetings, and conferences, engage or source suppliers, and do business-related activities.   There are two types of business visas: single and multiple entry visas. While the maximum duration is 30 days, the government of Angola allows holders to extend it for another 30 days while they are still in the country.

How To Apply For a Business Visa?

To apply for a business visa, there are some steps you must take. For starters, there isn't an online procedure for this process, so it has to be done offline. Before you commence, you must ensure you are eligible for the visa; if you are, do the following.

Obtain The Visa

The first thing to do is to obtain the e-visa application form, fill in your details, attach the relevant documents, and submit them to the Angolan embassy in your country.

Provide biometrics date

The second step is to provide your Biometric data. This will be done at the embassy under the close supervision of embassy officials.

Pay the visa fee

There is a visa fee you must pay for processing. This visa fee should be paid in the name of the Republic of Angola. You need a credit or debit card with sufficient funds to pay the Angolan visa fee.

During the application, the embassy may request your presence for an interview; you must bring the original copies of your documents for review. Note that submission of fake or invalid documents will lead to visa denial.

The Angolan business visa is a special visa issued to foreigners visiting Angola to conduct business. This visa is also called the "Angola Ordinary Visa, " a permit allowing the holder to stay in the country for up to 30 days. With an ordinary visa, you can visit for meetings, and conferences, engage or source suppliers, and do business-related activities.   There are two types of business visas: single and multiple entry visas. While the maximum duration is 30 days, the government of Angola allows holders to extend it for another 30 days while they are still in the country.

Angola Business Visa Requirements

Here are the documents you must provide before being issued a business visa.

Passport: The applicant's passport that has at least 6 months of validity. A copy of the passport's biodata page must be attached to your application form.

Letter of invitation: If a business entity has Invited you into the country, you must submit a copy of the invitation letter for review. The letter must have the entity's name, your name, and your address. Also, the letter must clearly state the purpose of the visit.

Proof of funds: A statement of account is required to serve as proof of funds enough to fund your daily expenses through your stay in the country.

Photograph: 2 passport-sized photographs taken not later than 6 months prior.

Tax document: Applicants coming at the invitation of an organization must provide a copy of the organization's tax documents.

Yellow Fever: A document shows that the applicant has received a yellow fever vaccination.

Police Clearance: A police Clearance showing that the applicant does not have a criminal record.

Travel Itinerary: Travel itinerary showing the locations and timing you plan to visit.

Processing Time

This visa takes about 15 working days before it is approved and released to the applicant. If you don't want to be delayed, consider applying for it at least 3 weeks before your planned travel date. You must also travel to Angola at least 60 days after the visa is issued.

Angola Visa Policy

Persons visiting Angola must apply for a visa unless they are from one of the visa-exempted countries. Visa applications can be submitted at an Angolan diplomatic mission or online. The country is part of different sub-regional bodies, including being a member of the African Union, which influences their visa policy. There is a special tourist visa which is only valid for 30 days and must be used within two months after it is issued. However, it can also be extended by 30 more days if the situation demands it.

Also important to note is that the visa policy mandates visitors to have passports valid for at least 9 months from the day the visitor arrives in the country, and it must also have two empty pages for visa stamps. As for transit visitors, they only need transit visas if they intend to leave the airport at any point while waiting for their next flight.

The government is also working on a special visa called the KAZA UniVisa program, allowing visitors to travel freely between Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Visa Free Countries

Angola has a short list of countries whose citizens can stay in the country without a visa for a limited time. This list is always dynamic but always changing as more countries are added or removed according to the diplomatic climate of the time. Citizens of Namibia are the only foreigners who can enter and live in Angola indefinitely without needing visas; others can do the same but are limited to 30 days per visit and only three entries per year.

There is also a special category for diplomatic visitors of selected countries who can visit Angola without visas.

Special e-Visa Program

In 2018, the Angolan government launched an electronic visa program for short visits of 30 days. The application process is simplified so applicants can easily apply and get their visas on time. This program is open to visitors from 61 countries, so check if you're on the list.

Eligible applicants must apply to the Migration and Foreign Services Department. 

After the pre-visa is issued, they must travel to Angola with a printed copy and their passports. On arrival, the printed copy will be exchanged for a visa at the port of entry through any designated entry port. The application requires a fee that must be paid before the application can be submitted. The authorities also expect applicants to provide proof of funds, accommodation, and a return flight ticket to their base. They must also provide an international vaccination certificate to prove they are without communicable infections like Covid.

Still, on the documentation, applicants must have a scanned passport photograph with white background and an active email address. As for the application fee, this can be paid online using a credit or debit card.

Visitors with e-visas are only allowed to enter Angola through the Lubango and Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda. Other access routes are the land borders with the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the border with Namibia. This visa is open to citizens of more than 61 countries though the list will likely increase as more countries are added.

Key Details About The Angola Electronic Visa

Before you submit your application or even obtain the visa, there are important details you should know, and we reveal them below.

Apply To The Migration and Foreigner Services: This application is submitted to the Angolan Migration and Foreigner Services, the body responsible for processing e-visas. This can only be done using online application platforms like VisaHQ that serve as transmission links to get your application across to the authorities. For conventional visas, apply directly to the embassy or consulate.

Not For Work or Residency: This online visa is not for work or residency, so you are not allowed to engage in any employment, trade, or paid activity. It is only for short visits, not qualifying you for a resident or work permit. For work and permanent residency, you will need a work and residency visa, respectively.

Pre-Visa: The online visa will be issued through your email address, but that is not the real visa. It is only a pre-visa, which allows you to travel to Angola. When you get to Angola, the pre-visa you printed from your email should be exchanged with a paper visa, which you must carry with you wherever you go to prove that you have valid papers and are not living in the country illegally.

Same Passport: It is important to travel to Angola with the same passport you used for the application. 

Please do so to avoid entry denial. Your passport must be valid for at least 9 months and have at least 2 blank pages. E-visas are linked to the passports they are registered with, so if the passport you present at the border has a different number than the one on your e-visa, you will be allowed into the country. If your passport doesn't meet the requirements, consider getting a new one first to avoid rejections.

For Minors: If you are traveling with a minor, you ought to show proof that you are their legal guardian or parent. Parents must present birth certificates to show that they are indeed related to the minor by blood. In contrast, guardians must show notarized proof of consent signed by the minor's parent authorizing them to travel with the child. Also, note that minors must have their own visas.

Approved Routes: Not all routes are open to e-visa holders. Make sure you enter the country through the airports or approved land border routes. There are no seaport routes for such visitors.

Angola Visa Online – Get your Angola e-Visa with VisaHQ

Traveling to Angola in Central Africa can be smooth if you have the right documents. Eligible visitors can apply for an e-visa online which will take only a few minutes, instead of spending several weeks applying to the Angolan embassy in their respective countries.

How To Apply For e Visa With VisaHQ

If you want to visit Angola using an e-visa, you can apply for one with VisaHQ if you are eligible. Here are a few steps to take.

Complete the Form: The e-visa online application form is on our website, so take your time to complete it. There are special sections for your passport, travel, and personal information, just to mention a few. Take your time to fill them out carefully and check for errors before proceeding to the next stage.

Upload your documents: The documents you upload will depend on the visa you apply for. Please make sure they are valid documents that suit the visa requirements. Documents belonging to someone else will not be accepted neither will expire documents. You must also pay the application fee before you can submit the form for processing.

Get your visa: Processing takes only about 1-3 days, and the e-visa will be forwarded to your email. 

Do print it out and bring it on your trip.

Why Use VisaHQ?

You should use VisaHQ for all your online applications because we have the resources and tools to ensure your application is delivered to the authorities in the right conditions. When you apply for an online visa using our platform, you are guaranteed

  • First-class technical support when you need it
  • Data security
  • Apply for more than one visa at a time
  • Save your data for future use

And much more. We have offered first-class visa application support services for years and would like to serve you too. Reach out to us to know more, or proceed to our application page to apply for any visa of your choice.

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