Angola visa requirements for Indian citizens

Angola is situated in Central Africa, a beautiful country filled with nature. It is a mysterious country with a lot to explore. If you are from India and wish to explore Angola as a tourist, want to visit your family and friends, or want to visit the country for any business meeting or conference, you will need to have a visa.

Therefore this article has shared the policies for visa requirements for Angola if you are an Indian citizen.

What Are the Different types of Visa for Angola?

There are several different visa types that you can get as an Indian citizen if you plan to visit Angola.

The type of Angola visa depends on why you want to visit Angola in the first place. Indian citizens who wish to travel to Angola can fill out an online visa application form.

The visas are issued through email. When you reach the airport, the payment of visa fees is necessary, and only after you have made your payment will your visa be valid to use. The Angola embassy can change the visa fees as per their requirement.

Tourist E-visa

The tourist e-visa is an Angola ordinary visa and is beneficial for those who wish to travel to Angola for a short trip.

You will receive your tourist visa through email once your application form request has been approved.

Passport holders have to provide proper passport information and personal details. Moreover, you will have to notify us about your travel itinerary if you wish to get this tourist visa. If you are visiting family members or friends, you will be requested to show your invitation letter. Moreover, you have to show your hotel reservation.

The tourist e-visa is available for single entry and multiple entries. The maximum validity of the single entry and multiple entry visas is for 1 month, and the processing time is between 5 to 7 days. Both visas can be used to stay in Angola for 30 days per visit.

Apart from the health certificate, you will have to provide International Certificate for yellow fever.

Business E-visa

If you are visiting Angola for business purposes, a business e-visa will better suit you.

This visa is available for single entry or multiple entry, and the validity for both is a month. This visa takes about a week to be processed.

Additional documents, such as the business introduction letter, authorization letter, etc., are required. Only after their submission will you be granted a visa.

Business Visa

A business visa is required for the same purpose as a business e-visa. However, the processing time for this visa is greater. A business visa is processed within 10 to 15 days, which is unsuitable for urgent business visits. Moreover, this visa is available for single entry only.

Health Declaration E-Form

This is a required document. All Indian citizens traveling to Angola must accurately fill out the health declaration form 3 days before they depart for Angola.

The health form will be verified at the Angola borders. Angola authorities may question you if there is any discrepancy within the form.

Requirements for Applying for an Angola Visa

As an Indian citizen, certain necessary documents and requirements must be filled in before obtaining the Angola visa.

You need to have certain required documents, like your valid passport. The passport validity should be for at least six months starting after your stay there and should have a few blank pages. Submission requires a passport picture with a preferably white background as well.

All the documents of the visa applicant should be accurate and match the information provided in the application form.

You need to present your negative test report for Covid 19. The report should be from 3 days before you depart.

Moreover, every visa type also requires applicants to fill out the health declaration form. If you cannot provide the declaration form for health and the covid test result, you may not be able to obtain the visa. You are also supposed to provide the yellow fever vaccination certificate.

It is best if you remember that the Angola government is not very likely to accept any application that has previously been refused for visa approval.

How to Apply for an Angola Visa Application Form Online?

You can go to VisaHQ and acquire your visa for a smooth and efficient application process. The process is straightforward. You will first select the place you want to visit and get the visit, then select your citizenship. The site will provide you with the necessary details to get a visa for the country. You will know the visa requirements for Angola for Indian citizens.

Next, you can fill in the visa application form with accurate information and provide valid passport details, and your visa will be processed according to the given processing time.

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