Angola visa types

Visitors to Angola have the benefit of applying for different visas because the government has created different Angola visa types. So whatever your reasons for applying for a visa, a visa is created to fulfill that purpose.

Angola At A Glance     

Angola is a country in Southwest Africa known as the Republic of Angola. The country was a former Portuguese colony, and Portuguese remains the official lingua franca of the country. Angola has had a checkered history of civil wars fought by different groups in the provinces, and it took a long time for the country to achieve relative peace. The Republic of Angola has gradually emerged from the ruins of war to become the second-largest crude oil exporter on the African continent besides Nigeria.

It has large oil and hydroelectric reserves. Angola is also rich in minerals like gold, diamonds, precious metals, and many more. The land is also fertile for arable farming, which best explains why a significant percentage of the population practices farming as an occupation. Anyone planning to visit Angola will need to present a visa at the airport unless they are from a visa-exempt country.

Who Needs A Visa For Angola?

Citizens from visa-exempt countries do not need a visa for Angola; if your country is not on the list, you will need a visa to enter the country.

Angola Visa Types

This section reviews the different visas foreign nationals can apply for.

Transit Visa:  Transit visas are issued to international travelers who want to change flights in Angola. This visa is a short term visa only valid for a few days. You don’t need a transit visa if you do not leave the airport before your flight is ready.

Tourist Visa: A visa for a tourist is another short term visa. This one is valid for 30-90 days, depending on its validity period. Tourist visas allow visitors to visit any part of Angola where foreigners can enjoy the side attractions on display.

Ordinary Visa: An ordinary visa is flexible for multiple purposes. This is not a long-term visa, and you cannot work with it.

Business Visa: The business visa is solely for business; if you are coming for any business-related activity, you need a business visa.

Student Visa: Student visas are issued to international students who have been issued admission by an academic institution in Angola. This visa is issued by the Angolan embassies in other countries. The applicant must present their admission letter as evidence to the embassy to qualify for this visa.

Privileged Visa:  This visa is issued on humanitarian grounds to victims of war, trafficking, or those coming for medical treatment. The applicant must meet certain conditions to qualify for this visa.

Temporary Visa: Temporary visa is for those who want to reside in Angola temporarily. The visa has a one-year validity but is extendable by a year.

Work Visa: This is the only visa that qualifies a foreigner to work in Angola. The visa qualifies the holder for a residence and work permit for a number of years.

Residence Visa: Those who want to reside in Angola permanently, whether from visa exempt countries or not, must apply for a permanent residence visa.

E Visa: This electronic visa can be obtained online for short visits. The visa allows you to stay for 30 days and is valid for 60 days. E visas don’t require visits to the embassy or the submission of physical documents.

Angola Visa Fee

You must pay a nonrefundable visa fee for any of the above visas. These fees are not standard, so they are priced differently. For transit visas, the fee is $50, while the visa fee for a tourist is $70. Short-term visas cost $80, while ordinary visas will set you back by $100. Business visas cost $100, while student visas cost $150. You will be asked to pay $150 for a temporary visa and $200 for a residence visa.

Kindly note that these fees do not guarantee that you will be issued the visa at the end of the day. Furthermore, the immigration officers at the entry point have the right to deny you entry into Angola if your intentions are suspect or you pose a security risk to the country.

Angola Visa Requirements

Only applicants that meet the visa application requirements will be issued a visa. Here are the documents you must submit for processing.

  • Completed application form bearing your details and signature

  • Valid passport

  • Recent Passport photograph

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Health insurance

  • Bank statement

  • Travel itinerary

  • Letter of invitation from the host

  • Civil Status documents, where applicable

  • Medical certificate

  • Two-way plane ticket showing entry and exit dates

The documents you submit will depend on the Angola visa types you apply for. Note that the embassy may request additional documents.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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