Uzbekistan visa processing time

For all foreign citizens interested in visiting the ancient trade routes connecting the Silkroad and wanting to learn more about the heritage of Uzbekistan and visit Samarkand and Bukhara. They will need to have an Uzbekistan visa, and a foreign citizen can apply for multiple entries or a single entry visa through the Uzbekistan embassy or consulate in their country.

Depending on the applicant's nationality, the processing time for the Uzbekistan visa and the service fees for the Uzbekistan visa will vary. If applicable, you can also get an Uzbekistan transit visa to enter Uzbekistan. Following are the details related to the Uzbekistan visas, and if there are still any queries, you can always have an online chat with VisaHQ representatives.

Uzbekistan Tourist Visa

The Uzbekistan tourist visa has three categories. One is a single entry visa, the second is a double entry visa, and the third is a multiple entry visa. These Uzbekistan evisa allow foreign nationals to enter Uzbekistan for only thirty days. These Uzbekistan evisa have validity for up to ninety days.

Uzbekistan Business Visa

The Uzbekistan business visa has validity for up to one year period and has a different visa fee. It also requires the submission of document to VisaHQ. This visa is generally a multiple entry visa and requires the person applying for the visa to provide a business support letter that has all the information, including the date of visit, the validity of the visa, type of visa, nature of visa, etc.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements

The following documents are required when you are applying for the country.

  • Valid passport with a validity of up to six months after entering Uzbekistan. A soft copy or electronic copy of the passport is required.

  • Payment for visa fee should be ready, which can be paid through credit or debit card.

  • Passport size photographs that have a clear view of the face of the applicant. Electronic passport size photographs or soft copy of the passport size photographs are required.

  • In some cases, such as for business visa, various countries like Uzbekistan require additional document such as business letters, job acceptance letter, etc.

  • A ticket itinerary with complete airline ticket information and dates to enter and exit the country is required.

  • An old passport is also required for Uzbekistan visas, if available.

Remember, all the documents are required to be submitted in a soft copy, so ensure that the file size is small and not too large.

Uzbekistan Visa Application Process

All the Uzbekistan visa applications are online, so there is no need to mail the required documents for Uzbekistan single entry visa application or multiple entry visa. Moreover, foreign citizens who are under 16 years, they are allowed to have visa exempt facilities. If they turn 16 and are present in Uzbekistan, they will require an exit visa from the respective government facility of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The process for Uzbekistan evisa is as follows:

  • Visit VisaHQ.

  • Select your destination as Uzbekistan.

  • Select your country as your citizenship.

  • Select the desired visa type for Uzbekistan.

  • Remember, an Uzbekistan transit visa is valid for all dual or multiple citizenship holders. However, you might have to pay the visa fees.

  • After performing the above stated steps, submit the information required and also submit the documents required if applicable.

  • Wait for your visa processing time to end, and then if accepted, you will receive your valid e visa or valid visa to enter Uzbekistan.

Note: Provide your contact details accurately and up to date. Also, provide e mail address that is valid so the Uzbekistan visa application is not delayed. Once the contact information is uploaded to the system, it cannot be changed. So, make sure to submit valid information so there is no delay in the processing time of the Uzbekistan evisa. You can also track the status of your application at your respective visa application center website.

Uzbekistan Visa Fee

Uzbekistan e visa holders for tourism must pay around $81 for single entry, $96 for double entry, and $113 for multiple entry tourist visa. These visa fees include the embassy fee and service fees. However, the Republic of Uzbekistan business visa holders must pay around $369 for multiple entry visa with longer processing times and around $449 for shorter processing times.

Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time

The main question that every person asks is how long it takes to get an Uzbekistan electronic visa or standard visa. Suppose you are planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan and want to apply Uzbekistan e visa. In that case, you must complete the travel documents required, the application form, the visa fee, and other additional material required by the government of Uzbekistan as per their system.

Generally, the Uzbekistan visa processing time is around 3 business days for a tourist e visa after submitting the travel document, visa application form, and visa fee online. For a business visa to visit Uzbekistan, the processing time varies. It can take up to 11 business days with less visa fee, but it can also take up to 5 business days period for the complete process if a high visa fee is paid.

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