Uzbekistan visa for Pakistan

Uzbekistan is a country with the oldest inhabited cities present in the Central Asia. These cities are Bukhara and Samarkand, which were founded during the 8th and 6th centuries BCE. This nation is rich in history and many Pakistani citizens want to visit this country to learn more about the famous silk road that is a center of trade.

However, if they wish to visit Uzbekistan from Pakistan then they need an Uzbekistan visa. Some countries have visa exempt facility, however; Pakistani's need to apply for a visa if they want to travel to Uzbekistan. Below are details Uzbekistan evisa, processing times, etc.

Visa Categories to Visit Uzbekistan

There are different visa categories that the Pakistani citizens can apply for when they are applying visas for Uzbekistan. They can apply for a single entry Uzbekistan tourist visa or they can apply for a multiple entry Uzbekistan business visa. Each visa has its own process, documentation, etc. Below are details for both types of visas that Pakistani citizens can apply, if they wish to visit Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Tourist Visa

This type of visa is single entry visa that comes with a validity of up to 2 months. The applicant must submit their Pakistan origin card, photos and original, signed Pakistan passport for visa application.

Uzbekistan Business Visa

This type of visa is available as single entry, and also multiple entry visa and to be eligible for this visa; the applicant must provide invitation letter, or any other letter stating the proof of business. Thei visa has a validity of up to two months to four months and to be enable to book tickets for travel, the applicant must get visa approval.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirement

The following are the documents required for the Uzbekistan visa for Pakistani citizens. You have to provide these documents if you are applying for an Uzbekistan visa through Uzbekistan embassy physically or apply online for an Uzbekistan evisa through visa application center. The Uzbekistan embassy officers might ask for some other documents depending on your Uzbek visa application category.

  • Uzbekistan visa application form that should be completed and signed. However, if a business organization or company is inviting you, then the visa form is required to be printed on that organizations' letterhead.

  • A completely filled electronic visa form.

  • A valid passport of Pakistan

  • An original copy of the passport of Pakistan

  • Copy of airline ticket from airport in Pakistan to Tashkent airport. The complete flight itinerary is required.

  • If you have your friend or relative sponsoring you, then you need their passport copy and your relationship proof with them.

  • Proof of status is required displaying nationalities oof the applicant, their ID card number, etc.

  • Invitation letter is also required, if applicable.

  • For company or organization sponsorship, you need passport copy of the head or authorized individual submitting the application, a license or certificate of the organization, copy of power of attorney of the person with whose copy you are using, and guest's employment certificate.

  • You need to submit passport size photographs with white background that are at least six months old before applying for Uzbekistan visa.

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan has given confirmation for visa, then you have to submit the following documents at your nearest Uzbek embassy.

  • Passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Uzbekistan visa application forms that must be completed and signed.

Uzbekistan Visa Application Process

The visa application process to enter Uzbekistan only requires you to apply your Uzbekistan visa through VisaHQ. Every visa has different processing time and based on your category, the visa fee will also vary.

First, you have to visit the VisaHQ website, then you have to set Uzbekistan as your destination. Set Pakistan as your home country or origin. Then select the visa category you want to apply for, it can be tourist visa, business visa, etc. Fill in the application form and apply online for your Uzbekistan evisa.

You will have to enter all the information requested such as your email, name, address, etc. It is mandatory to add your correct data otherwise Uzbekistan visa might not be granted by the foreign affairs. Pay the visa fee which includes the service fee and embassy fee and wait for visa approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once you get your visa approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uzbekistan, you can further give your passport for visa stamping and can plan your trip to Uzbekistan. If you have any questions related to rules or regulations in Uzbekistan or different types of visas, you can always contact VisaHQ for this subject.

Uzbekistan Visa Fee

The visa fee for Uzbekistan evisa can be paid online and it includes service fee as well. The fee for tourist visa is $210.00. The Uzbekistan evisa has a low cost than the standard visa and has a visa fee of around $20 to $50. You must remember that these visa fees for any type of Uzbekistan visa is non-refundable and a single time fee for visa application.

Uzbekistan Visa Processing Times

The processing time for tourist visa and business visa varies depending on the application. The processing time for tourist visa is around 10 working days and for business visa it is also around 10 working days.

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