Uzbekistan visa for Egyptian

Uzbekistan is home to the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia: Samarkand and Bukhara, founded between the eighth and sixth centuries BCE. Ancient kingdoms and empires were forged in this arid land, and the Silk Road cemented it as a centre of trade. So, if you want to visit Uzbekistan then you will need an Uzbekistan visa.

Uzbekistan Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Uzbekistan is present as single entry visa and multiple entry visa. The multiple entry visa for Uzbekistan offers six months stay and up to a year stay in the country. The single entry visa for Uzbekistan has many options starting from 7 days stay in the Uzbekistan to a year stay in the country with the single entry tourist visa.

This Uzbekistan visa can be applied at the Uzbek embassy or through Uzbekistan online visa centers such as VisaHQ. The Uzbekistan visa is valid for up to a year for Egyptian citizens. You can also contact VisaHQ for Uzbekistan visa services and to get all the information for the Uzbek visa.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements

There are few entry requirements that you have to fulfill when applying for Uzbekistan visa. Below are the documents required for the visa application and after submitting them you have to complete payment for your Uzbekistan visa.

  • Electronic visa application form. Fully completed and signed Uzbekistan visa application form.

  • Valid passport. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the destination country and has at least 2 blank visa pages.

  • Passport-type photograph. Include 2 passport style photos, with a white background, taken within the last 6 months. You may also choose to upload a photo to your order for us to print. There is a charge associated with this service.

  • Proof of status. A copy of immigration status in the United States such as a resident card, work, or study permit.

  • Bank Statements

Uzbekistan Visa Application Process

The Uzbekistan tourist visa online is simple. For the electronic visa you have to visit the VisaHQ website. Then select Egyptian citizens as your citizenship at the website and

Uzbekistan Visa Application Processing Time

The Uzbekistan visa processing times vary as per the type of visas. You can visit VisaHQ website and learn more about the required documents and submit your form. The general visa processing time for the Uzbekistan visa is around ten days for Egypt citizenship holders. Once, the embassy accept your visa, you have to submit document including your valid passport for stamping and have to pay the fees for Uzbekistan visa and services.

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