Ukraine Visa from Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia, you may want to visit Ukraine to look at the amazing landscapes or experience the culture. Or you might have to go for a business obligation.

Have you made plans to visit Ukraine, and are you a Saudi Arabian resident? Are you unaware of what the visa policies are and what entry requirements are?

If so, you have stumbled upon the right article!

This article will tell you about the Ukraine visa for Saudi Arabia citizens and how they can apply for it!

Do Saudi Arabia Citizens Need a Visa to Visit Ukraine?

Yes, Saudi Arabia citizens have to get a visa to enter Ukraine. They are not exempt from visiting Ukraine visa-free.

If you do not want to get a longer-term visa, you can also apply for a short-term e-visa.

Even if you have a Schengen visa, you cannot visit Ukraine as Ukraine is not one of the Schengen states.

What are Different Visa Types for Ukraine Available?

Ukraine Tourist Visa

The Ukraine tourist visa is needed when the applicant's main purpose for traveling to Ukraine is to explore the country or go for an excursion.

The tourist visa is a type of short-term visa. It normally has a validity of 180 days; you can stay for 90 days maximum.

The tourist visa is a way to go to Ukraine not just to explore it but also to meet any loved ones such as friends or family you might have. The processing time for this Ukraine tourist visa is about 15 days unless changed by Ukraine's international treaties.

Ukraine Tourist E-Visa

The Ukraine tourist e-visa has the same purpose as a standard tourist visa. However, this visa is issued faster, and the process of applying is also easier.

The Ukraine tourist e-visa is valid for 30 days, and you can stay there for 30 days. The processing time is shorter than a standard Ukraine tourist visa. This time is 9 days only.

Ukraine Business Visa

The Ukraine business visa is also a visitor visa. This visa allows people to come to Ukraine and tend to their businesses. This could mean them attending a conference, an important meeting, or signing some deal.

This visa is also valid for 180 days.

The Ukraine business visa in no way is a doorway to being employed in Ukraine. If you are a Saudi Arabia citizen and thinking of employment opportunities, you should consider getting a work visa. With a business visa, you cannot indulge in any trade.

Ukraine Business E-Visa

The Ukraine business electronic visa provides quicker access to the business visa. This visa is a single entry visa valid for 30 days only. The processing time for this visa is just 9 days. Hence, if you are urgent and need an emergency visa for business, you should opt for the business e-visa rather than the standard business visa.

Ukraine Visa Requirements for Saudi Arabia Citizens

General visa requirements are that you should have a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months since you arrive in Ukraine. The original passport should also have one blank page. You will be asked to submit a proper passport-sized picture.

You should have proof of health insurance so that if you have to get medical treatment, the authorities know you can pay for it.

Other documents required include proof of sufficient funds. This is so that the concerned authorities know that the applicant's expenses are covered. The proof can be submitted as a copy of a bank statement, or if a family member or your company is covering your stay and expenses, you can submit proof of hotel bookings, accommodation, and flight tickets.

If you visit a family member or friend, you must submit a notarized invitation letter from their side containing the inviting person's Ukrainian passport. You could provide their permanent residency permit as well.

If you are going for business purposes, you have to submit a cover letter that should have the company's official letterhead and describe the purpose of your visit and contact the company based on Ukraine's unified state registry.

A travel itinerary and tourist agency details are a must, as they will describe your entire trip. Apart from submitting all these documents, you must submit a properly filled visa application form.

Ensure that there's no discrepancy in your application and that the details match with the passport details; otherwise, your visa request process will witness some delay.

Paying the visa fee is an important part of completing the visa process.

Applying for the Ukraine Visa

You can physically apply for a Ukrainian visa at the Ukrainian embassy, visa centers, or through some online visa process. The online visa processes are super fast, convenient, and smooth.

VisaHQ offers visa services online where you visit the site and choose the country to visit as Ukraine and your citizenship as Saudi Arabian. The details regarding the visa will pop up on the page, and you can see the requirements, the validity and processing time, and the visa fees. Once you have decided which type of visa you will apply for, you can fill in the Ukraine visa application form and submit it along with all the supporting documents required.

Next, you have to wait for the visa to be processed!

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