Ukraine e-Visa processing time

Do you want to speed up applying for the Ukraine visa? Are you in a hurry, do not have enough time to schedule appointments with the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate, and are looking for an easy way to speed up the visa procedure? If so, this article contains everything you need to know!

You can now get an e-visa to Ukraine. The e-visa provides an alternative to standard visas and saves a lot of time because there is no need for long procedures! Furthermore, the entire visa process is shifted to a virtual mode with e-visa!

Do not stop reading if you want to know more about the process and requirements for the e-visa, the processing time, and how you can acquire this visa online!

What is an E-Visa?

E visa is referred to as an electronic visa.

The purpose of an e-visa is the same as a normal visa, as it allows entry into a country. However, it is also a travel document confirming that you can enter a particular country!

The main aim of e-visa is to provide individuals with an easy way to apply for a visa for the country they want to visit!

What is the Ukraine E-Visa?

The Ukraine e-visa is an electronic visa, and it is s short stay and single entry e-visa. You can easily use the e-visa at any of the entry border points in Ukraine. When you enter or leave Ukraine, Ukraine's relevant government authority will ask you to show your e-visa.

The Ukraine e-visas were generated to improve the border control of Ukraine.

With the e-visa, you can come to Ukraine to conduct activities such as tourism, medical treatment, sports, education, science, business etc.

Processing Time

The processing time for the Ukraine electronic visa is super fast. Therefore, you can opt for urgent e-visa processing and go to Ukraine in no time!

The visa processing time is categorized in two ways. One is the non-urgent Ukraine visa. This is processed in 3 days, whereas if you are in a hurry, your e-visa will be processed in a single day!

However, some factors can affect the processing time, and you may not be able to get your visa as quickly. For example, the visa office may reject your visa request if you haven't summited all the required documents or your Ukraine visa application form is incomplete.


As it is a single entry visa, it is valid for 30 days after arriving in the country. If you stay in the country until the visa expires, you can get into trouble with the Ukrainian authorities. However, if you wish to remain longer, you can get a Ukraine tourist visa.

What Requirements Have to be Fulfilled for the Ukraine E-Visa?

First and foremost, foreign nationals can't travel to Ukraine if they don't have a valid passport. Therefore, regardless of the visa you apply for, having a valid passport is the primary focus. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the day you arrive in Ukraine.

For each family member, child or disabled person travelling, a separate e-visa is produced.

You must provide proof of accommodation highlighting where you will stay during the small visit!

Among other required documents, proof of sufficient funds is also required. It would be best if you were vaccinated and protected against the threat of Covid 19. You must have travel insurance as proof that you can cover your costs while in Ukraine.

When you fill out the online application form, ensure that the details of the form match your passport details. You also have to make payment for the Ukraine visa fee.

How Can you Apply for the E-Visa to Ukraine?

There are several ways to apply for a Ukraine visa. The first way is to schedule an appointment with the Ukrainian embassy or the foreign affairs department, go to their office, fill out their application, and submit documents. Another visa is to apply for the standard visa through an online process.

The last way is to apply for an e-visa online. You can achieve the last two ways through a site called VisaHQ. This is an outstanding visa process service. The site has proper navigation and assistance, with the help of which you can conveniently apply for a visa. First, choose your home country and destination as Ukraine. Next, choose the type of e-visa you want.

Now the site will navigate you to a page that displays detailed information about what the visa offers, its requirements, maximum validity and processing time. Next, you can fill out the application form online and also attach the documents required within the application. If all your information is valid and accurate, the likelihood of your visa being processed exactly within the time stated on the website is high!

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