Ukraine e-Visa validity

Do you know that apart from the standard Ukraine tourist visa or visitor visa, another type of visa also exists? This is an e-visa. With the help of an e-visa, you can conveniently obtain the visa through your email.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Ukraine, you do not necessarily need to get a standard visa. If your trip is very short and you need to stay for a few days only, you can get the visa online, also known as the e-visa.

This article discusses important key points about the Ukraine electronic visa, such as its validity, processing times, requirements, and what it truly is!

What is an E-Visa?

An e-visa is an electronic visa that allows individuals to travel to a certain country. Many governments have issued this visa to make it easier for foreign nationals who can travel to another country.

The e-visa provides a simpler and more efficient process!

What is the Ukraine E-Visa?

The Ukraine electronic is a travel document that allows those countries who are not visa-exempt to travel to Ukraine can visit this country. This visa is normally used as a visitor visa. Hence, it is used for tourism purposes or business. With this visa, you can also travel to Ukraine for medical treatment! However, for the medical treatment, you will be asked to show an invitation letter from any healthcare staff in Ukraine.

When you travel to Ukraine, you must show the e-visa to the immigration officers at the entry border checkpoints as it acts as an immigration permit.

The Ukraine visa online speeds up the visa process and makes it more convenient.

Types of Ukraine Visa Online

The tourist e-visa for Ukraine is for tourism purposes. It allows individuals to roam around Ukraine or visit their family and friends. You can get this visa for standard processing of about 20 days, whereas urgent processing can be done within 15 days.

Business Visa

The Ukraine business visa requires travelers to provide an invitation letter from their company, and it should state all details of the company and the applicant.

The business e-visa is for business purposes such as meetings, conferences, etc.

Validity of the Ukraine Visa

The electronic visa which you get for Ukraine is for a single entry. And this single entry e-visa has a validity of 30 days.

You can only stay in the country for 30 days, and once the visa reaches its expiry date, you must leave the country.

Processing Time of the Ukraine Electronic Visa

The processing time can be different for visas. You have the standard processing time and the urgent processing time.

The lesser the processing time, the higher the visa fee.

For those individuals who are not in a hurry to travel, visas with a standard processing time are the best option.

Ukraine E-Visa Requirements

The required documents for an e-visa include a valid passport with a validity of at least six months after you have arrived in Ukraine. It would be best if you also had a passport-sized picture for identification purposes.

You should have proof of sufficient funds; for that, you can submit a bank statement copy or pay slips. This can also be in the form of proof of accommodation.

It would be best if you also had a health insurance policy covering your stay in Ukraine.

You will also need documents that report the purpose of your visit to Ukraine. These documents can be either an invitation letter if you have been invited, a cover letter from your employer, or any other document.

You also have to fill out the Ukraine visa application form perfectly so that your visa application process is not delayed and you can get the visa within the standard processing time.

Moreover, you also have to complete the payment for the visa fee.

Applying for the Ukrainian E-Visa

If you wish to apply for the Ukraine electronic visa, you can do so through VisaHQ.

VisaHQ is a wonderful platform that allows individuals to apply for multiple visas simultaneously, and once you have applied for the visa, you can track the status of your visa too! Therefore, making the entire process super transparent.

If you wish to obtain an e-visa for Ukraine, you need to choose your nationality and the destination country as Ukraine. You should select the type of e-visa you want, and clicking on it will display further information about it. And you can know everything starting from the required documents to the visa fees!

You will then fill out your Ukrainian visa application form. It would be best if you filled out the e-visa applications accurately and, along with the necessary documents, you will submit the online application. Now you have to wait for the visa to be processed and for approval!

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