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Free import

• 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars 250g of tobacco. There are no information on age restrictions
• 1L of spirits (over 25% volume of alcohol)
• 2L of lighter alcohol beverages (up to 25% volume of alcohol)
• Non-commercial amount items for personal use
up to €200 of gifts or new items
• Food stuff of up to the value of €50 in no more than one package weighing 2kg


• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Counterfeit items
• Explosive material


• Live animals – health certificate required along with complete and valid inoculations. Contact nearest embassy to obtain permission.
• Endangered species and any products or parts thereof as outlined by CITES maybe be brought in only with CITES permission.
• Medication
• Weapons and ammunition permissible only with authorisation obtainable from Ministry of Interior.
• Gifts or new items of value exceeding €200 but not exceeding €1000 will be evaluated and a customs tax will be levied. Please note that items of value exceeding €1000 are taxable according to cargo import procedure and not personal import procedure.
• Cultural artefacts and other culturally important items may be brought in only when accompanied by appropriate documentation confirming your ownership and are not subject of any international investigation.
• Currency of value up to €10,000 can be declared orally, amounts that exceeds that limit must be declared in writing and have to have supplementary documentation confirming that the money had been withdrawn from legitimate source.