Do Zimbabweans need a visa for Togo

Do Zimbabweans need a visa for Togo? Yes, they do, just like travelers coming from many other countries. The Republic of Togo offers visitors different types of visas depending on their purpose and how long they want to remain in the country. If you are a Zimbabwean national, traveling to Togo without a visa is possible, but one will be issued at the airport once you arrive. We explain the different visa options available to foreign nationals.

Togo – West Africa

Togo is a West African country that was once a French colony before it gained independence from France and became a sovereign nation. The capital, Lome, is the most populated part of the country and is close to the Atlantic Ocean to the South. Many expatriates live and work in Togo, mostly from other African countries and Europe. The country is a member of the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, and many other international organizations including the World Trade Organization, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Why Do Zimbabweans Need A Visa For Togo?

Although Zimbabwe is an African nation and a fellow member of the African Union, citizens coming to Togo must obtain visas before entering the country. Only citizens from neighboring West African States who are members of ECOWAS may enter Togo without visas. Since Zimbabwe is not a member of the Economic Community of West African States, Zimbabwe passport holders must get a Togo tourist visa.

Visa On Arrival For Zimbabweans

While travelers from other countries require visas issued by the Togolese embassy in their countries or neighboring countries before traveling to Togo, Zimbabweans can secure visas on arrival at the airport in Lome. Visa on arrival is issued to eligible visitors at the entry point by Togolese immigration authorities. The visa is only valid for a short time and allows the visitor to stay for 15 days. However, they can extend it for up to 90 days if they can prove to the authorities why they need to stay much longer than the 15 days allowed.

Visa on arrival can also be issued at border crossings after filling out and submitting an application form containing two passport sized photographs. The application fee mandated by the Togolese government is 15,000 CFA, equivalent in dollars or euros. The authorities will also expect you to show proof of

  • Yellow fever vaccination

  • Accommodation

  • Return flight or bus ticket

  • Other relevant documents

Where Can Zimbabwe Citizens Extend Their Visa?

Zimbabweans can extend their visas only after arriving in Togo and before their current visas expire. They must visit the passport service office in the city where they live to extend it. Kindly note that visa extensions are free.

Where To Apply For The Visa

Applicants may visit the Togolese embassy in Harare to submit their applications or wait until they arrive in Lome to apply for a visa on arrival. While the visa on arrival will be issued immediately, other visa types may take a few days.

Basic Visa Requirements And Documents To Complete Your Application

Form: A Togo visa application form must be filled out correctly and signed. Your passport photograph must also be attached to the form.

Valid Passport: An original Zimbabwean passport valid for the next six months with a minimum of two blank passport pages for stamps.

Travel Itinerary: Flight or bus ticket reservation for the trip to and from Togo. The ticket should not be paid for, only reserved. 

Hotel reservations should also be made if you have nowhere to stay.

Proof of Funds: With a bank statement or cash, you must prove that you have enough resources to foot your bills in the country.

How Long To Process A Togolese Visa?

The processing time is dependent on the operational capacity of the embassy. While some Embassies will complete the progress in 5-10 days, others may take longer. It will be best to ally for the visa at least one month in advance to avoid delays.

Togo Visa Fees

The visa fees are as follows

  • Visa on arrival - $25

  • 30 days single entry visa - $70

  • 90 days single entry visa - $97

  • 30 days multiple entry visas - $85

  • 90-day multiple entry visa - $110

Kindly note that these fees are subject to exchange rates and government policies.

Respect The Law

While in the country, always respect the local laws and customs of the people. Togo culture is similar to that of many other African cultures but with slight differences. Furthermore, stay within your visa so you avoid running into trouble with the authorities and attracting sanctions.

Do Zimbabweans need a visa for Togo? Yes, they do, but they can get a visa on arrival at the airport or border crossing.

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