Do I need pcr test to enter Togo

Do I need PCR test to enter Togo? This is a common question asked by many interested visitors to Togo who have never visited the West African country before or haven't done so in a long time. Due to the disruptions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, many countries had to institute virus prevention protocols to protect their citizens and check the virus's spread; Togo wasn't any different. However, it has been a few years, and many restrictions have been dropped, but a few are still in place.

If you are planning to visit Togo, you should take your time to read this post till the end to understand the current protocols still in place so you don't run into difficulties at the airport or border crossing.

Do I Need A PCR Test To Enter Togo?

You must only undergo a PCR test at the border crossing or airport if you have never been vaccinated. Travelers who can show their COVID-19 vaccination certificates don't need this test. Furthermore, only persons with negative results after the test is taken will be allowed into the country, but those who show positive signs of Covid will be quarantined for five days or given the option to return to their base where they are coming from.

Fortunately, PCR tests take only a short while and will not cause any distress. And the results will be out quickly so you can enter the country to pursue your interest without restrictions.

Travelers are hereby informed that this requirement is mandatory and only put in place to check the spread or reemergence of the virus and not initiated as a means to discriminate against them.

Togo Traveler Declaration

One important document persons from selected countries will be asked to provide is a Togo Traveler Declaration form. This document is no longer requested from most visitors only persons from countries or regions under the “at risk “ category. The document is issued electronically after the visitor has fillled out and submitted the form. Try don’t need to visit the Togolese embassy to obtain it as it can be done online. If this document is a requirement for travelers coming from your country or region you only need to fill it out the form with your information.

Choose a time and pay the application fee but make sure you check and correct errors before submitting the form.  Once your application is processed the authorities will send you the certificate by email. Print it out and bring it along with you to Togo and present it to the health officials at the entry point.  The application can be paid for using your credit or debit card or PayPal

Cost of Covid 19 Togo Traveler Declaration Cost?

This document costs only a fraction of the fee, depending on the online platform you use. The fee is not static but can cost as low as $25- $35.

Proof of Vaccination

Persons who have received the Covid 19 vaccine must show evidence to that effect. The certificate must be verifiable and come with a seal from a national health authorities like the NHS in the UK, CDC, or national health ministries.

Togo Is Open For Business

Togo's borders are open for business, so travelers can come in at any time of the year, provided there isn't a spike in Covid cases. It is also important to note that those who show a negative PCR test at the entry point must have taken the test nit later than five days before their arrival. Transit passengers who are not vaccinated must remain inside the airport and complete their online immigration and health form before continuing their journey.

Furthermore, when it is time to depart, they must take another PCR test at least five days prior, which costs 25,000 CFA. The results should be printed out and presented to immigration and health authorities in the country.


There are no exemptions for travelers from vulnerable regions, as these protocols are compulsory. This requirement is for adults and children.

Other Health Requirements

Apart from Covid 19 vaccination certificates 0or negative PCR tests, persons from selected countries must provide yellow fever vaccination certificates as proof that they have received the vaccines. Only certificates certified by national health authorities will be accepted.

Travel Documents

All persons coming to Togo must have valid visas unless they are ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) citizens. They must also possess valid passports with at least six months of validity and two empty pages for visa stickers and immigration stamps.

Do I need PCR test to enter Togo? Yes, you need to show a negative PCR test unless you have fully been vaccinated for COVID with a certificate to show as proof.

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