Taiwan visa for Indonesian

Indonesia can now conveniently apply for a Taiwan visa! Taiwan is a great country to visit. It has many sightseeing spots and is known for its amazing temples. You might want to visit the country for business or tourism purposes.

If you want to visit Taiwan but are unaware of visa policies, this article aims to enlighten you and increase your knowledge.

So, get ready to jump into this article and learn more about how Indonesians can obtain a Taiwan visa!

Do Indonesians Require a Visa for Travel to Taiwan?

Yes, Indonesians are not exempt from traveling to Taiwan without a visa. Therefore, if any Indonesian citizen wishes to travel to Taiwan, they have to get the travel document, the Taiwan Visa.

A travel Authorization Certificate allows Indonesians to enter Taiwan if they have come for tourism.

On arrival to Taiwan, the immigration officers at the entry points have the right to decide whether to allow you to enter Taiwan.

Different Visa Types for Taiwan for Indonesians

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the best choice for foreign visitors whose sole purpose of travel is tourism. This is a type of visitor visa, so you can also use this to visit your family or friends.

The Taiwan tourist visa for Indonesians is also known as the Travel Authorization Certificate.

You can get the Taiwan tourist visa for Indonesians as a single entry visa or a multiple entry visas. The processing time for both is 5 days. Moreover, both visas will be valid for 3 months, and you can stay for 30 days per visit.

You can visit Taiwan any time during those 3 months. The only difference between a single entry and a multiple entry visa is that a single entry visa only allows you to visit once, and you cannot re-enter, but with a multiple entry visa, you can. Even with the multiple entry permit, you cannot stay for more than 30 days per visit. You will have to leave once the 30 days are complete, and then you can enter again.

Business Visa

The Taiwan business visa lets individuals conduct their business activities in Taiwan. You can participate in meetings, conferences, and official dialogues with a business visa. Therefore, it is aimed at businesspersons from Indonesia.

The business visa is also available as single and multiple entries. Additionally, the processing time and validity are the same as the Indonesian tourist visa.

Taiwan Visa Requirements for Indonesians

There is a list of documents that you have to submit if you want the visa officers to approve your request and issue the Taiwan visa.

The required documents include a valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months once you arrive in Taiwan. When you fill out the visa application form, ensure that the details match your passport details and all other documents. Along with the passport, you have to submit passport pictures as well. These are required so that the authorities can identify you.

You also have to prove that you have enough funds to last your stay in Taiwan. There are certain cases of this. If you are traveling alone, then your bank statement, flight tickets, or hotel bookings evidence will suffice for the proof. Otherwise, you don't need to provide the bank statement if you are being sent by your company or invited by a hosting company.

Other supporting documents include a travel itinerary that provides complete details of your visit to Taiwan. The itinerary can include descriptions of what the visit is for and round-trip tickets.

If any organization or your loved ones have invited you, you must submit an invitation letter with the concerned people's contact details.

You must complete payment of the visa fees applicable to the type of visa you apply for!

How to Apply for the Taiwan Visa Online?

Now there is no need to go to the Taiwan embassy to get your visa as Indonesia is one of the nations whose citizens can get a Taiwan visa online.

You can get a Taiwan visa online by applying at VisaHQ, which provides great visa services. You can complete the entire visa application process online.

You have to choose your nationality and the country you want to visit. The site will show details about the available visa based on your selections. When you click on apply now, the site will redirect you to the online application form, and after you fill it out, attach the documents, and pay the visa fee, you have to wait for the visa to be processed!

 When you apply online, you do not have to worry about the time it takes to travel to the embassy.

You can see the document requirements and visa fee for Taiwan and apply smoothly!

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